Correct spelling for BOMAN

We think the word boman is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for boman

  • Romano
  • Omen(Definition of omen)
  • Batman(Definition of batman)
  • Most extraordinary thing, said he, my batman is as honest as the day, and can't account for the disappearance of my stove at all.

  • Domain(Definition of domain)
  • King amurath commands that my father's wide domain, this city and all its lands, shall be given to me again."

  • Yeoman(Definition of yeoman)
  • Moan(Definition of moan)
  • Never worry. Never moan. We will leave you all alone.

    – There's a World by Neil Young
  • Barman
  • I don't know wot she 'ad, but when the barman tried to take for it out o' my money, i surprised 'im.

  • Born(Definition of born)
  • "anne was very good to me, and i went and stayed with her mother when baby was born, and then anne left aunt soon after.

  • Ban(Definition of ban)
  • We thought this a very hard thing, and for the following days were inclined to look at life as a rather tame, insipid business; but soon, to our joy, the ban was removed.

  • Omani(Definition of omani)
  • Bean(Definition of bean)
  • First mashing liquor 165, mash one hour, stand one hour, run down smartly; second mash 170, mash one hour, stand one hour, run down as before; third mash 180, mash half an hour, stand half an hour, run down smartly; divide these three runs into two boilings, boil your first copper as hard as you can for half an hour, the second for three hours as hard as possible; pitch your first wort at 65 degrees, with 10 gallons of smooth yest; pitch your second at 70 degrees, with six gallons, both runs to mix in the same tun, as soon as the head of your tun begins to fall and close, which will possibly happen from thirty to forty hours, at which time it is expected the fermenting heat will rise to 80, but in no case should it be suffered to exceed it; two pecks of bean meal flour, with two pounds of bay salt mixed together, should be evenly scattered over the surface of the tun, before cleansing, and then well roused.

  • Cowman
  • The cowman looked down thoughtfully a moment and his face grew serious.

  • Romany(Definition of romany)
  • Norman(Definition of norman)
  • Bowman(Definition of bowman)
  • The greatest bowman in the northern wilderness crouched in the thicket, and reaching his right hand over his left shoulder, withdrew an arrow, which he promptly fitted to the string.

  • Botany(Definition of botany)
  • I'm only a little local botanist, quite unknown outside my own circle; i only mean that i'm a great lover of botany."

  • Boon(Definition of boon)
  • So those dry leaves proved a boon such as he had not dared to hope for.

  • Bonn
  • "we felt so strange to be in germany at last," repeats her majesty, dwelling on the pleasant sensation, "at bruhl, which albert said he used to go and visit from bonn."

  • Bran(Definition of bran)
  • The cutworms eat this poisoned bran quite readily.

  • Roman(Definition of roman)
  • Badman
  • Reader, if thou art of the race, lineage, stock, or fraternity of mr. badman, i tell thee, before thou readest this book, thou wilt neither brook the author nor it, because he hath writ of mr. badman as he has.

  • Man(Definition of man)
  • Woman(Definition of woman)
  • Binman
  • Bowmen
  • Barmen
  • Barmen is a former industrial metropolis of the region of bergisches land, germany, which merged with four other towns in 1929 to form the city of wuppertal.

  • Oman
  • Bemoan(Definition of bemoan)
  • And as mrs. boxer, in her visits to the various shops in the suburb, took care to bemoan her hard fate in attending to a creature so evidently moon-stricken, it was no wonder that the manner and habits of the child, coupled with that strange predilection to haunt the burial-ground, which is not uncommon with persons of weak and disordered intellect; confirmed the character thus given to her.

  • Bombay
  • Skag coldly told him that the dog had been owned by police commissioner hichens of bombay.

  • Boatman(Definition of boatman)
  • And when the boatman looked up at the sound of such sweet music, he beheld a maiden more fair than any he had ever dreamed of.

  • Bomb(Definition of bomb)
  • Just before lunch a bomb was dropped from a taube overhead, and hardly had we sat down to lunch when a revolver shot rang through the room.

  • Booming(Definition of booming)
  • "i've been looking up the market and tungsten is simply booming.

25 words made from the letters boman

3 letter words made from boman:

abo, mao, ban, mon, abm, boa, omb, man, nob, mob, moa, nab, amb, mba.

4 letter words made from boman:

amon, ambo, omba, oman, mona, moan, noma, mban, maon.

5 letter words made from boman:

moban, boman.