Correct spelling for BONDE

We think the word bonde is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bonde

  • anode Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with non-solid electrolyte may use a liquid electrolyte based on ethylene glycol and boric acid, so-called "borax" electrolytes, or based on organic solvents, such as DMF, DMA, GBL, or based on high water containing solvents, for so-called "low impedance", "low ESR" or "high ripple current" capacitors Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with solid electrolyte have a solid manganese dioxide electrolyte, see solid aluminum capacitor (SAL), or a solid polymer electrolyte, see polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor, or hybrid electrolytes, with both a solid polymer and a liquid, see also polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor Description of the materials 1: Anode foil, 2: Anode oxide layer (dielectric), 3: Cathode foil, 4: Cathode oxide layer, 5: Non-solid electrolyte, 6: Paper spacer soaked with electrolyte, either non-solid or polymer, 7: Conducting polymer, 8: Manganese oxide (MnO2), 9: Graphite, 10: Silver The following table shows an overview over the main characteristics of the different types of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
  • bade When she had told her tidings, the king himself mounted his horse and bade all come with him to meet them.
  • band Recovering, he told that he had just escaped from a band of two hundred Fetcani warriors, who were even then on their way to attack the town.
  • bandeau In modern sports and swimwear, a bandeau is a strapless garment worn around a womans breasts.
  • banded Furthermore, it is known that four days ago certain other proscribed persons did join with these, and that they are banded together in an endeavor to secure the escape from these dominions of His Majesty, King George, of certain persons who by their crimes and treasons lie open to the capital charge.
  • bandy "Yes," added Bandy-legs, with a sad look, "and the end ain't come along yet, by a big sight."
  • bane He bane go dis way?
  • banned Throughout Catholic countries the index expurgatorius banned for the most part the printing of forbidden books; and this made Holland later the chief centre of printing, since the placing of a work in the index invited prompt reprint by Dutch publishers.
  • bede In this there is the germ of some very fundamental things in Dante's poem, and we know that Dante knew Bede and had probably read his history, for he places him in Paradise and mentions him elsewhere in his works.
  • bend "Run on ahead and get in among the bushes at the bend there," shouted Jim.
  • bender Charles XII. persevered in his strange sojourn at Bender, being a guest who caused the sultan continual worry through his great political influence.
  • benet
  • bide
  • bind
  • binder
  • blond
  • blonde
  • bod
  • bode
  • body
  • bonce
  • bond
  • bondage
  • bonded
  • bone
  • boned
  • bones
  • bonn
  • bonnet
  • bonnie
  • bony
  • boone
  • border
  • bored
  • bound
  • bounded
  • bounden
  • bounder
  • bounds
  • bowed
  • bronte
  • bundle
  • burned
  • node
  • toned
  • Borne
  • Bendy Articulated buses, popularly called "bendy buses," were introduced to London in October 2001 when six Wright Eclipse Fusion bodied Volvo B7LAs were hired from First Hampshire & Dorset for a trial on route 207 between Shepherds Bush and Uxbridge.
  • Binned
  • Boded
  • Honed
  • Zoned
  • Bono
  • Borden
  • Boyd
  • Bonner
  • Blondie
  • bonds
  • ConEd
  • bonier
  • booed
  • bonged
  • blonder
  • binged
  • bandier In 1991, EMI Music Publishing Worldwide, then the worlds largest music publisher, named Bandier – until then its vice chairman – chairman and chief executive.

37 words made from the letters bonde

3 letter words made from bonde:

bed, ben, den, ode, eon, bod, nob, ebn, neo, edo, end, nod, nbe, one, oed, don, doe, neb, deb.

4 letter words made from bonde:

5 letter words made from bonde:

ebdon, boned, bonde.

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