Correct spelling for BORTHDAY

We think the word borthday is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for borthday

  • barth Therefore I went to my dower at Barth, and have founded the beautiful little town of Franzburg to keep the Stralsund knaves in submission, and also to teach our nobles that there is some nobler work for a man to do in life than eating, drinking, and hunting.
  • berth 16,626. Do you tell me that a man who is in discredit with you, and who has not your good word, or rather who is in your black books, has any chance of getting a berth from a captain?
  • birth Doggie, used to it from birth, looked on it as his natural environment.
  • birthday Tears stand in the eyes of many a man as he eats the food his Yankee brothers have given him on the birthday of their country.
  • booth In 1426, Thomas East, of Hay-hall, in Yardley, was owner; who sold it to John Bond, of Ward-end, of whose descendants William Booth purchased it, in 1620: an heiress of Booth brought it by marriage to Allestree, of Yardley, who enjoyed it in our days; it was sold to John Wyrley, and is now possessed by George Birch, Esq; of Handsworth.
  • border The tusker halted at the border of their little clearing.
  • bored At the end of six months he was so frightfully bored that he actually longed for Paris."
  • both In mystic states we both become one with the Absolute and we become aware of our one-ness.
  • bother " Bother it," Peckover muttered, putting on the air of self-conscious indifference usual in such contretemps.
  • brady The next morning when the two presented themselves, Mrs. Brady, after showing Mrs. O'Callaghan where to leave her wraps, led the way at once to her bedroom.
  • broody Of course, a certain percentage of them will go broody and show a desire to sit but they do not make reliable sitters and mothers and are not as a rule used for this purpose.
  • Bathed Betty bathed hurriedly, giving a perfunctory brushing to the tangled mass of curls, and getting into her clothing swiftly and silently.
  • Berthed For the first time it was now ascertained that the Vindictive, in anchoring off the Mole, had over-run her station and was berthed some four hundred yards farther to the westward than had been intended.
  • Bertha Bertha crept slowly up to the door, and seemed half afraid to make her coming known.
  • Bethany There were Herodias, and Procla, the wife of Pilate: these were the highest ladies in the land; there were Martha of Bethany, and Joanna, the wife of Herod's steward, representing the middle class; Mary, the mother of Jesus, from among the poor; and Mary of Magdala, from among a class of women who were numerous in Palestine, one of whom the Gospel designates as "a woman who was a sinner."
  • birthed Yea, bound in frenzied orbits, The solar substance sped With travail of the moon and stars, And planets live and dead; And wombed and birthed in anguish, As heirs of all its toil, Earth's vale and hill and ribs of rock, And the rivers in her soil.
  • birthdays 25 Little Susy Stories containing: Little Susy's Six Birthdays, Little Susy's Six Teachers, Little Susy's Little Servants, Prentiss.
  • drutherses

298 words made from the letters borthday

5 letter words made from borthday:

brhat, yarto, borty, yorta, borda, barot, dobra, botha, rhoad, bardy, hydro, hadto, ratho, broda, dorty, tobar, torah, toady, roady, odhar, tardy, dorta, torda, rodya, bayor, throb, roday, darty, rodat, bradt, hardy, harty, broad, boyda, abdoh, batyr, bahro, brohd, today, brady, harto, habor, rybat, harby, troya, dohat, rhyta, bathy, abort, roath, borad, barty, barth, otard, hayot, harod, bohra, hoary, yorba, thyro, yator, hoard, toyah, tabor, radyo, brath, thoda, dhoby, thord, darth, thado, hador, borat, todar, thabo, badoy, abhor, toray, horby, atory, borth, board, horta, hydra, barto, rotha, tryba, tohra, hardt, broth, darbo, dotar, dayro, borah.

4 letter words made from borthday:

doby, daho, odra, drab, ryba, roha, dart, yahr, hayo, brat, hord, bayo, bard, barh, abdy, bhrt, toad, dyah, broy, oday, bhoy, daht, bryd, hodr, rahd, yota, ohra, toda, bado, yaht, rady, hoya, royd, dary, thro, bhor, road, btoa, bray, ryad, doar, dohr, hrab, yaro, tody, raht, taho, drob, dayo, hoar, bodh, broh, boat, byrd, dory, odah, dayt, bart, drah, bayd, haby, hayt, haor, hard, ybor, dhat, body, thor, brah, dorh, rota, brdo, atob, doba, hart, hydr, dyab, tayo, rhoa, hrdy, trad, yodh, abor, arby, tray, boar, bohr, rayt, troy, hoda, yabo, tory, rhyd, both, raby, tord, bayh, thay, hoad, raoh, tyah, toby, dyar, ayob, yoba, tary, rbty, hayr, rahy, doha, roth, boyt, boya, bady, dyth, rabo, hory, bayr, byro, rayo, baht, orad, dray, roby, bota, tyro, tabo, hora, brad, yard, yohr, brdy, haro, dath, arty, oath, tohr, aohr, hyat, oaty, ratb, taro, otay, brya, bath.

3 letter words made from borthday:

doh, bad, hyo, rya, tad, boa, rad, hod, dot, day, bat, hob, tor, hoy, bra, art, tho, ado, tod, abo, hat, toy, aby, orb, bar, tab, try, tyr, dah, tar, ayr, rob, rot, bay, thd, oar, rho, hao, oat, bod, rod, rat, dat, thb, dab, dry, bot, doa, tay, yob, hrt, ray, boy, adh, tao, arb, hay, trh, hot.

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