Correct spelling for BORTHER

We think the word borther is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for borther

  • barter The difference would lie in this: that if I were compelled to buy goods for cash, that is, if I could not barter them, I would have no profit by giving the same rate that I now give.
  • barth Bach, Anna Magdalena, 69, 70. Bach, Constance, 242. Bach, John Sebastian, 61, 67-71, 241. Bach, Maria Barbara, 68, 69. Bachmann, Elise, 168. Bachmann, Judith, 172. Backer-Groendahl, Agathe, 225. Badarczewska, Thekla, 229. Baglioncella, Francesca, 64. Ballad, 47. Barezzi, Margherita, 85. Bariona, Madelka, 66. Barker, Laura Wilson, 144. Barnard, Mrs. Charles, 135. Barns, Ethel, 145, 239. Baroni, Julie von, 228. Bartalotti, Signora, 215. Barth, Elise, 226. Bartholomew, Mrs., 134, 238. Batta, Clementine, 166. Baudissin, Countess of, 171. Beach, Mrs. H. H. A., 195-201, 235, 238, 239. Beatrice, Princess, 156. Beaumesnil, Henriette de, 187. Becker, Ida, 172. Beethoven, Ludwig von, 107, 111, 116-123, 240. Belleville-Oury, Emilie, 169. Benfey-Schuppe, Anna, 162. Berlioz, Hector, 81-84.
  • bathe The pale beard spoke and said in turn "True: a prize goes to the stern, But sing and laugh and easily run Through the wide airs of my plain, Bathe in my waters, drink my sun, And draw my creatures with soft song; They shall follow you along Graciously with no doubt or pain."
  • bather The bather covered his body with the suds, and the contents of the jug was emptied on the floor of the lodge by the attendant.
  • berth "Monsieur forgets that he has a berth.
  • bethe 1934 — Georges Lemaître interprets the cosmological constant as due to a vacuum energy with an unusual perfect fluid equation of state 1938 — Paul Dirac suggests the large numbers hypothesis, that the gravitational constant may be small because it is decreasing slowly with time 1948 — Ralph Alpher, Hans Bethe ("in absentia"), and George Gamow examine element synthesis in a rapidly expanding and cooling universe, and suggest that the elements were produced by rapid neutron capture 1948 — Hermann Bondi, Thomas Gold, and Fred Hoyle propose steady state cosmologies based on the perfect cosmological principle 1948 — George Gamow predicts the existence of the cosmic microwave background radiation by considering the behavior of primordial radiation in an expanding universe
  • birth I looked forward to an awakening not without dread for we are as helpless before birth as in the presence of death.
  • blather
  • blither
  • boater
  • booth
  • border
  • borer
  • botcher
  • both
  • bother
  • brother
  • mother
  • norther
  • other
  • pother
  • Berthed In the first wave, 8 B5N torpedo bombers were supposed to attack the aircraft carriers that normally berthed on the northwest side of Ford Island, but none were in Pearl Harbor that day; 4 of the B5N pilots diverted to their secondary target, ships berthed alongside "1010 Pier" where the fleet flagship was usually moored.
  • Bertha Bertha Watson bit her lip to hide its quivering, and looked at me, breathing hard.
  • bothers
  • birthed The roots of Carolina Wren were in Berkeley, California, though it was birthed on January 1, 1976, in Chapel Hill, as I sat in my living room in Chase Park Apartments, looking past the balcony, where I fed wintering birds, into the woods behind them.
  • worthier

112 words made from the letters borther

5 letter words made from borther:

throb, roter, bertr, horeb, thorr, other, berth, broer, behot, rober, bhore, hoerr, thero, rehor, hbert, broth, breth, borth, herro, terro, throe, oerth, thobe, trobe, threo, tober, retro, bhote, borte, borer, borre, bothe.

4 letter words made from borther:

hebo, bhrt, teoh, roth, hobe, reth, hore, beor, behr, bohr, rebo, othe, beth, thor, boeh, orbe, horr, both, torr, thro, tohr, boer, eohr, orte, toer, beot, eroh, rort, hebr, breh, tore, bhor, herr, reho, hero, bore, herb, tero, hoer, rote, ebro, robe, rohe, broh, boet, treo, tehr.

6 letter words made from borther:

bhorer, rohter, beorht, oberth, robert, bother, trebor, horter.

3 letter words made from borther:

orb, hrt, bet, toe, err, rho, tor, hoe, ret, orr, ter, thb, ore, trh, het, ert, rob, rot, hot, hob, roe, tho, reb, bot.

7 letter words made from borther:

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