Correct spelling for BORWSING

We think the word borwsing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for borwsing

  • baring "It will serve your present purpose, Miss Baring," said he, not taking the hint.
  • basin Another took a fancy to the gold-fish in a stone basin at Cranbury, and was shot, as the poor fish could not escape.
  • bering Pacific Ocean surface currents in the northern Pacific are dominated by a clockwise, warm-water gyre (broad circular system of currents) and in the southern Pacific by a counterclockwise, cool-water gyre; in the northern Pacific, sea ice forms in the Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk in winter; in the southern Pacific, sea ice from Antarctica reaches its northernmost extent in October; the ocean floor in the eastern Pacific is dominated by the East Pacific Rise, while the western Pacific is dissected by deep trenches, including the Mariana Trench, which is the world's deepest
  • boarding I called at the teachers' boarding-house, kept by a good Union family, Wm.
  • boasting I frequently bully them now about their past boasting and present cowardice.
  • boding The wind is roaring; the rushing rain Is loud upon roof and window-pane, As if the Wild Huntsman of Rodenstein, Boding evil to me and mine, Were abroad to-night with his ghostly train!
  • boozing
  • boring
  • bosnia
  • bowing
  • bowling
  • boxing
  • bracing
  • braising
  • bring
  • browsing
  • bruising
  • bursting
  • coursing
  • dowsing
  • losing
  • posing
  • rising
  • rousing
  • Basing Fifteen years ago no attention was paid to it, and the pedagogues of every school, convinced that everybody else was talking to the wind and that they were right, most calmly prescribed their laws, basing their principles on philosophies of a very doubtful character, which they used as a substratum for their wee little theories.
  • Biasing Regression dilution, also known as regression attenuation, is the biasing of the regression slope towards zero (the underestimation of its absolute value), caused by errors in the independent variable.
  • Boning
  • Boosting
  • Bossing
  • Brazing
  • dosing
  • Horsing
  • Nosing
  • BOEING On November 14, 2005, Boeing announced that it was launching the 747 Advanced as the " Boeing 747-8".
  • hosing
  • busing
  • booing

211 words made from the letters borwsing

3 letter words made from borwsing:

nib, bos, iwo, big, bow, ion, nob, wog, bin, obi, sow, irs, bns, gin, orb, sib, sob, sbw, bwr, iso, wbs, gib, bog, win, ron, now, nog, son, row, nbw, rig, gob, wig, nig, wbn, rio, won, rib, sir, gsr, rbi, own, rob, sin.

5 letter words made from borwsing:

gobin, gowri, roins, ornis, igbos, igors, brows, bigos, bosin, ibson, wibro, bsing, grins, grows, ingos, ngobi, ronis, swing, bonis, robin, orbin, bowis, gnosr, brios, noirs, broin, ribon, bings, sibon, gobir, giron, borin, rogin, wrong, bowrs, gowns, biros, ogrin, goris, winos, birns, birog, siron, wingo, irons, goins, sobig, owing, brins, oring, brigs, rison, wings, groin, siong, worns, wongi, signo, biogs, rings, wring, bongs, rosin, gorni, winrs, rinso, bogin, girns, bison, brown, borgs, sworn, wongs, broni, inorb, gnows, bingo, gronw, rigon, brong, wisor, sorgi, siwon, grown, giros, sring, bring, gowin, borns, brons, sgroi.

4 letter words made from borwsing:

grob, bris, gnsr, roig, bong, gobi, iron, bino, gion, boin, bons, gons, snow, sbor, brig, ngoi, bogi, gwon, worn, rows, siow, nobi, sing, igno, gris, song, wins, brio, sorb, ogin, sign, igon, iwrg, nori, grow, biro, bown, bins, gobs, snog, bogs, owns, obin, ngbs, iong, iwon, sogn, wing, noir, gois, ring, sown, gown, swob, born, orbs, sbno, norb, swig, bonr, rbos, robs, gorn, bwin, brow, grin, bows, rigo, ribs, wigs, ings, rogi, snob, sion, ibon, giro.

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