Correct spelling for BOUNSES

We think the word bounses is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bounses

  • bones He walked on and on and at length he saw the high hill and on it the pile of bones.
  • bounce She was light weight, anyway, because she was a witch; and after the first bounce they had to have two executioners to keep throwing her down-a day executioner and a night executioner; and she went so fast up and down that she was just like a solid column of enchantress.
  • bouncer Here the Doctor executed a grimace which might mean a good deal, or nothing at all, and said tersely: "She's a bouncer; don't you know her?"
  • bounds Out of it a narrow and swift current runs into that slow straight brook which bounds the right side of the meadow.
  • bunsen His letters to Bunsen are proof of it.
  • Boluses But if the wound should turn to an obstinate ulcer, take Castile soap, gum ammoniac, gum galbanum, and extract of hemlock, each one ounce; form them into eight boluses, and administer one of them every morning and evening.
  • Bonuses And there is dancing and conversation among the shepherds and shepherdesses, with such brilliant flashes of wit and repartee about the rise in Wabash and the fall in Cement that the soul of Louis Quatorze would leap to hear it. And later there is supper at little tables, when the shepherds and shepherdesses consume preferred stocks and gold-interest bonds in the shape of chilled champagne and iced asparagus, and great platefuls of dividends and special quarterly bonuses are carried to and fro in silver dishes by Chinese philosophers dressed up to look like waiters.
  • Bosses The old hag who bosses my cook-shed said to me as she passed, 'Go and listen to a song of cunning over there'-pointing to a clump of bread-fruit trees.
  • Bounties 41 Thou art-to give and to confirm, For each his talent and his term; All flesh thy bounties share: Thou shalt not call thy brother fool; The porches of the Christian school Are meekness, peace, and prayer.
  • blouses Shop dressmaking is in the main confined to the making of afternoon and evening gowns and fancy blouses.
  • buses I know there are many people who have to catch early morning buses and trams who would envy me if they knew my luck.
  • bounces If you make a tree elastic when a man is chopping it down, his ax bounces back from the tree with such force as nearly to knock him over, and no amount of chopping makes so much as a lasting dent in the tree.
  • ounces
  • onuses
  • bouncers Beryl Cooks New York (John Murray, 1985) On the Town (with Edward Lucie-Smith) (Devon Books, 1988) Beryl Cooks London (John Murray, 1988) Bouncers (Victor Gollancz, 1991) Happy Days (Victor Gollancz, 1995) Cruising (Victor Gollancz, 2000) The Bumper Edition (Victor Gollancz, 2000)
  • bounders "Faugh! Are we going to be overrun with bounders of that description?" he growled.
  • boonies Later boonies are called "Hat, Sun" or "Hat, Sun, Hot Weather", which is still the designation for this type of cover.
  • disburbs
  • disco-loring
  • ensuals

116 words made from the letters bounses

3 letter words made from bounses:

neb, ebn, nsu, sen, son, use, sou, bse, nob, bun, nbe, uns, sob, sub, sbe, sse, bos, sus, sun, one, bus, nub, sos, eos, ben, eon, neo, bns, sue.

4 letter words made from bounses:

bune, bose, buen, usen, seso, sonu, buon, beno, sebs, sone, ness, sobs, nobu, sbno, eons, nube, bous, nubs, sues, suon, uses, nose, ouen, bone, oben, buns, suos, suen, sube, ebon, sebu, snub, sens, beon, buss, snob, nebo, bons, nous, boen, onus, osen, osun, boss, ubon, eous, ueno, neus, boue, oseu.

5 letter words made from bounses:

sonus, beuno, susno, snubs, bueno, nubes, benso, bonse, bosse, besos, bossu, bouns, snebs, seson, sonse, esson, buson, sones, neuss, besso, bones, bonsu, nobes, ebons, buses, souse, sensu, busso, busse, bonus, bueso, bouse, bosun, eunos, soens, bosne, nouse.

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