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How to spell BOUR correctly?

If you've ever mistakenly typed "bour", fear not! There are several correct and recommended alternatives you can opt for. Consider using "boar", referring to a wild pig or "bore", conveying a feeling of dullness. Another option is "bourbon", a type of whiskey or simply "bourgeois", denoting a middle-class individual.

List of suggestions on how to spell bour correctly

  • blur My vision began to blur as my tears welled up in my eyes.
  • boar The hunter finally caught the massive boar that had been tearing up his farm.
  • boer The Boer Wars were fought between the British Empire and two Boer states in South Africa.
  • bohr
  • boor The newly elected president was considered a boor by many due to his lack of social graces and vulgar language.
  • bourre
  • bout I went to the store to buy a new outfit for the bout this weekend.
  • bur
  • dour The old man had a dour expression on his face as he watched the children play.
  • four I counted up to four before jumping off the diving board.
  • hour
  • lour The sky began to lour and we knew a storm was coming.
  • Our We are the staff at our school.
  • pour She started to pour the orange juice into the glasses.
  • sour
  • tour We are planning to take a guided tour of the city next week.
  • Your Your hat looks really nice on you.

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