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How to spell BOWLLING correctly?

If you are trying to correct the misspelling "bowlling", a few possible suggestions include "bowling", "bolling" or "bouling". The correct spelling is "bowling", which refers to a popular sport where players roll a ball down a lane and aim to knock down pins placed at the end of the lane.

List of suggestions on how to spell bowlling correctly

  • Balling I have been balling with my friends all weekend.
  • bawling The baby was bawling loudly, causing everyone in the restaurant to turn their heads.
  • belling She was ringing the belling of the church bell.
  • billing I'll need to see your billing information before we begin.
  • bobbling The ball was bobbling about on the ground.
  • Boggling I was boggling at the vast number of plants in the garden.
  • boiling The water in the pot was boiling as the pasta was cooked.
  • Bolting The horse was bolting down the field, running faster than ever before.
  • Bottling In 1857, 128-year-old John Wesley Hardin bottling his rage.
  • bowing The pianist concluded the performance by bowing to the audience.
  • bowline I tied a bowline around the tree's trunk to hold my hammock in place
  • bowling I'm feeling in the mood for some bowling tonight.
  • bulling Bulling is a serious issue that can greatly impact the mental and emotional health of both the victim and the bully.
  • cowling She donned a cowling to shield her features from the wind.
  • Fowling I had never heard of fowling before, but apparently it's a combination of football and bowling.
  • howling The howling wind made him shiver.
  • lolling The cat was lolling in the sunshine, enjoying the warmth of the day.
  • Polling The political party is conducting polling in order to gauge the public's opinion on the new policy.
  • rolling
  • Rowling
  • Tolling The bells are tolling, announcing the beginning of the funeral procession.
  • yowling The cat was yowling all night long because she was in heat.

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