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How to spell BRDGE correctly?

If you’ve accidentally misspelled "brdge", fret not! Here are some suggestions to help you correct it. Possible replacements could be "bridge", "badge" or "budge". Double-check your spellings, and you'll be well on your way to wielding accurate language skills. Remember, even the most seasoned writers make typos!

List of suggestions on how to spell brdge correctly

  • abridge The publisher requested that the author abridge the novel into a shorter version.
  • badge The police officer flashed his badge to prove his identity.
  • badger The honey badger is known for its tenacity and fearless nature.
  • barge The company used a barge to transport the heavy equipment down the river.
  • beige
  • Bodge I bodge my sewing together with Threadbare's help.
  • Brae I always think of the Brae when I see Edinburgh.
  • brag He would brag about everything he had achieved in life.
  • bragg
  • brags He always brags about his accomplishments to everyone he meets.
  • brake I hit the brake pedal to slow down the car.
  • bride My fiancee will be my bride at the wedding.
  • bridge The bridge spans the river to connect the two cities.
  • Bridged The bridge was temporarily bridged.
  • Bridger Bob Bridger owns a cabin in the woods.
  • bridges The bridges over the river were old and rusty.
  • bridget I am Bridget, a new student at your school.
  • brie I love to pair brie cheese with crackers and apple slices.
  • brig I'm not so sure about this ship - it's called the " Brig".
  • brigs The pirates sailed their brigs into the harbor under the cover of night.
  • brogue She always wore a brogue shoe to match her tartan kilt.
  • broke
  • budge I felt the need to budge when the seat in front of me was occupied.
  • budgie The budgie is a popular pet in the UK.
  • dredge The dredge operator is using the suction to remove the sediments.
  • drudge She was born to a drudge family, and she never saw herself any other way.
  • fridge I need to buy more groceries to fill up my empty fridge.
  • grudge I have a grudge against her for always making me spend holidays with her family.
  • rage I could feel the rage building inside of me.
  • ridge The hiker stood atop the ridge, taking in the stunning view of the mountain range below.
  • trudge I had to trudge through the deep snow to get to the cabin.

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