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How to spell BREALING correctly?

If you meant "breaking", suggest changing the "e" to an "a" and adding a "k". If you meant "breathing", suggesting changing the "l" to an "a". If you meant "braiding", suggesting changing the "e" to an "a" and adding an "i". If you meant another word, please provide more context for better suggestions.

List of suggestions on how to spell brealing correctly

  • Baling The farmer spent the entire day baling hay in his fields.
  • bearing She approached the podium with a confident bearing, ready to give her speech.
  • beetling The beetling rocks on the mountain path made it difficult to walk.
  • belling After years of being a single parent, she was finally able to belling her children.
  • bereaving She could not endure the thought of bereaving her sister of her last comfort.
  • bracing She took a deep breath of the bracing sea air as she walked along the beach.
  • braking I had to hit the brakes hard when the car in front of me suddenly started braking.
  • braving Braving the storm, the hikers continued their trek up the mountain.
  • brawling The brawling at the bar resulted in several patrons being kicked out.
  • Braying As the donkey approached, its braying could be heard from miles away.
  • Brazing Brazing is a process of joining two metal pieces together using heat and a filler metal.
  • Breaching The hacker was charged with breaching the company's security system.
  • breading I like to put breading on my chicken before frying it.
  • breadline
  • breaking I heard a loud breaking sound coming from upstairs.
  • breathing Breathing is one of the most important things we do.
  • breeding The farm specializes in breeding champion race horses.
  • breezing I was breezing through my homework until I came across a difficult math problem.
  • brewing The brewer was busily brewing a new batch of beer.
  • Bridling She was bridling with anger as she listened to his condescending remarks.
  • broiling The steak was broiling on the outdoor grill.
  • Reeling After the party, she was reeling from the drinks and the boys.
  • trialing During the initial phase of the project, we will be trialing various prototypes to determine which one works best.

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