Correct spelling for BRIGE

We think the word brige is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for brige

  • abridge No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws....
  • barge She walked as far as the barge, and she landed at the very moment I was passing the Roman gate.
  • barrage The screen flashed here and there and collapsed under the full barrage of half the Thessian fleet, as Arcot had suspected it would.
  • beige Beige fat is the adrenergically inducible cell type that is dispersed throughout adipose tissue.
  • big You seemed so big and fine then, and were so nice to me.
  • bike Old Cloehessey would lean on his bike and take off his sun helmet and mop his bald scalp, scowling while he pretended to think.
  • bilge Down on her bilge, and let her go when the sea sucks out again.
  • bogie I don't know the name of the bogie, or anything about it; but it is shadowing all Maggie's life; it is taking the sunshine away from her, and it is making it impossible for her to marry Mr. Hammond.
  • brag Nothing to brag of, in the way of smartness."
  • bragg It was through the enforcement of this rule that Mr. Cleveland was renominated, when he was so bitterly opposed by a portion of the delegation from his own State,-especially the Tammany delegates,-that General Bragg was moved to make the celebrated declaration that he "loved Mr. Cleveland on account of the enemies he had made."
  • bragger As a result, Captain Haddocks colourful insults began to include "bashi-bazouk", "visigoths", "kleptomaniac", "sea gherkin", "anacoluthon", "pockmark", "nincompoop", "abominable snowman", "nitwits", "scoundrels", "steam rollers", "parasites", "vegetarians", "floundering oath", "carpet seller", "blundering Bazookas", "Popinjay", "bragger", "pinheads", "miserable slugs", "ectomorph", "maniacs", "pickled herring"; "freshwater swabs", "miserable molecule of mildew","Logarithm", "bandits", "orang-outangs", "cercopithecuses", "Polynesians", "iconoclasts", "ruffians", "fancy-dress freebooter", "ignoramus", "sycophant", "dizzard", "black-beetle", "pyrographer", "slave-trader" and "Fuzzy Wuzzy", but again, nothing actually considered a swear word.
  • brake I crept out through the tangled brake, and cautiously approached the back of the building.
  • bribe "Think you can bribe me, do you?
  • brick Formerly this spring was fortified, the high walls built around its mouth still remaining, and there are besides the brick ruins of a castle close by.
  • bride I now return to bid them call the bride.
  • bridge He could not let him walk back alone to Vandon-over the bridge.
  • bridges The 6th Virginia had accompanied Jackson, the 2nd, under Colonel Munford, destroyed the railway bridges eastward of Front Royal.
  • bridget So Bridget was left alone, for Rough had begun school some time ago.
  • brie Often it is dry, chalky, and far inferior to the finest Brie veritable that is still made best in its original home, formerly called La Brie, now Seine et Marne, or Ile-de-France.
  • brief Be plain, sir, and be brief."
  • brier At first Hamil could see nothing in the tangle of brier and saw-palmetto, but after a while he became aware of a wild-cat, tufted ears flattenend, standing in the shadow of a striped bush and looking at him out of the greenest eyes he had ever beheld.
  • brig I've had warning that there's a brig loading for the West Indies over beyond Deephaven somewheres, and I'm going over to seize her.
  • brigade I never found anything impossible with this brigade!
  • brigid McFarlin and Brigid Balfour - "Contact Sensitivity in the Pig", Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.
  • brine A barrel or two of brine hurled over the starboard quarter choked off the mate's adjurations.
  • bring They could not bring her back.
  • brogue He spoke with the soft rich brogue of the South; to-day it is hardened by years of command, and his legs are larger, but he is a doughty general, eager as ever for the hot high pulse of battle.
  • broke The cap'n looked at her and broke into a wondering laugh.
  • grieg Ole Bull, the so-called violin-king, already referred to, was unsurpassed in his day. Among piano artists may be named the talented composer, Mrs. Agatha Backer-Groendahl, Thomas Thellefsen, Edmund Neupert, Martin Knutzen, and the great composer Edvard Grieg.
  • rage Little Master rushed in fear and rage into the passage, and, yelling, shut the iron door behind him.
  • ridge "I knew from the way that ridge went.
  • rig In the grey of the morning she was seated beside a driver in a light running rig behind the swiftest pair of horses in the town.
  • riga On August 23, Riga, the Russian seaport which is the gateway to Petrograd, was reported in peril from the Germans, who were conducting a determined advance on the north of the eastern front under the immediate direction of Field Marshal Von Hindenburg.
  • Brae For my pairt I wudna like to be buried ony place but the wee kirkyaird up the brae there.
  • Bridged Their works seemed to carry within them Divine energies; wonders surrounded their paths; their life and being bridged securely the gulf between heaven and earth.
  • Bringer Japan has it in her to be, not the Mistress of the East, reigning, sword in hand, over subject races-for that she can never permanently be-but the bringer of peace to, and the teacher of, the East.
  • Brice "I came to speak with you about the robbery of greenbacks from the coach last night," began Brice hurriedly, with a sudden access of hope at his reception.
  • Bridger And next come Frank Curry-haid over heels, too, mean as he was, and to hear him talk you'd 'a' bet they wasn't nothin' he wouldn't 'a' done fer Mrs. Bridger.
  • Briggs Miss Violet's upstairs-with Mrs. Briggs.
  • brigs Marblehead was then the foremost fishing port with two hundred brigs and schooners on the offshore banks.

24 words made from the letters brige

3 letter words made from brige:

big, erg, geb, ige, rbi, beg, rib, ire, gib, rig, reb.

4 letter words made from brige:

berg, geib, beig, brig, egri, bier, gibe, brie.

5 letter words made from brige:

grieb, gebir, brieg, igber, birge.

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