What is the correct spelling for BRITH?

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Correct spelling for BRITH

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Possible correct spellings for brith

  • barth He laughed softly at his own wit. There were rumbles of uncertainty, but Barth saw that the seed had taken root.
  • bath Every time they gave him a bath the baby always grew, for they used magic.
  • berth Altogether, it's hardly surprising that even ignorant peasants shake their heads and give the church a wide berth.
  • beth Beth was radiant with new tan shoes and stockings.
  • birth The natural result has been that the birth-rate has suffered a serious and prolonged check in France.
  • blithe When Mrs. Stannard came down-stairs, blithe and breezy as ever, the ladies began their natural inquiries for Mrs. Truscott.
  • booth The Alhambra booth, with its wilderness of eastern magnificence, presented "The Lovers of Abdallah."
  • both And he soon had them both charmed by his address.
  • brat His niece, who had heard from Jean Garland some of the talk of the country, for long dared not ask her uncle point-blank if it were true about the princess, but she showed such continual curiosity about his love affairs, that he would keep her waiting while he made an entry in his diary, or other book of written notes, and then declare solemnly that the only girl he had ever loved was named Patsy, and was a thankless brat, unworthy of the care and affection of the best of uncles.
  • breath Hjalmar grinned and let out his breath.
  • breathe Jackson lay upon his shawl, looking up at the sky full of islands of warm clouds in its sea of blue; he was silent so long that Jeff began to think he had not been listening; he could not hear him breathe, and he came forward to him quickly from the shadow of the tree where he sat.
  • brie "O whair got thou these targats, Johnie, "That blink[125] sae brawly abune thy brie?" "I gat them in the field fechting, "Where, cruel king, thou durst not be.
  • brier At the tables in the enclosure sat Wilson Carter, the district attorney, a man keen and sharp as a brier, yet fair withal, and universally liked and respected; to his left, pale and nervous with the strain of waging a gallant but losing fight, sat young Harry Amory, assigned by the court as counsel for the accused; and just behind Carter, next to the prisoner, as the parties most in interest, sat Gordon, Harrison, and Ethel Mason, the girl clothed in somber black, Gordon with a band of crape on his left arm.
  • brig The little brig Flash was the instrument of Lingard's fortune.
  • bright "What would your mother the Duchess think of them-now, honour bright?
  • brim The dark man's only response was a formal touching of his hat-brim with his forefinger.
  • brit 10 jer after Jon wei brit was, kemon hyr thrju skepa in-t Flymar falla, that folk hrip ho-n-sejen, fon hira talinga heth thju Moder thit skrywa leten.
  • brits Among these Brits were those defined as Celts, or people who resided in or spoke the languages of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or Brittany.
  • britt One was the Honorable Pulaski D. Britt; the other was Colin MacLeod.
  • broth May I bring you up a little broth, sir, too?
  • brother You do know my brother?
  • bruit Anything increasing the blood flow velocity such as fever, anemia, hyperthyroidism, or physical exertion, can increase the amplitude of the bruit.
  • brut He started writing music as Carpenter Brut with the intention of mixing sounds from horror films, metal, rock, and electronic music.
  • roth 50 First Dates (2004 film), Henry Roth falls in love at first sight with Lucy Whitmore, a woman with permanent short-term memory loss, while at a café.
  • ruth Her deep eyes were fixed upon Ruth.
  • wraith But it's a long, long chase-and to tell you the truth, at times I think she's just a wraith!
  • wrath God's wrath shall burst on Howrah!
  • writhe An actor cruel and vicious enough to strike down two people as Miss Lamar and Werner were stricken, of sufficient dramatic make-up to conceive of the manner of their deaths, would want to see them writhe and suffer.
  • wroth And Pharaoh was wroth against two of his officers, against the chief of the butlers, and against the chief of the bakers.
  • Bret She had seen Miss Leslie, Miss Beaumont, Joe Mortimer, and Frank Bret, and numberless other people, who had appeared in all sorts of dresses and had sung all kinds of enchanting songs, but Dick was nowhere to be found.
  • breathy All click types (alveolar ǃ, dental ǀ, lateral ǁ, palatal ǂ, retroflex ‼, and labial ʘ) have linguo-pulmonic variants, which occur as both stops and affricates, and are attested in four phonations: tenuis, voiced, aspirated, and murmured (breathy voiced).
  • broths "Och, they are broths of boys the Paddies, but they do make curious mistakes somehow or other, it must be allowed.

17 words made from the letters brith

4 letter words made from brith:

5 letter words made from brith:

brith, bitrh, birth.

3 letter words made from brith:

hrt, trh, bit, rit, thb, rbi, tri, rib.

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