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How to spell BROGH correctly?

The correct spelling for "brogh" might be "brogue". A brogue is a sturdy shoe typically characterized by decorative perforations. However, if you were referring to a different term, it could be helpful to provide more context or information to assist with finding the appropriate correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell brogh correctly

  • BIOG
  • bog The hiker got stuck in the bog while trekking through the marshy wetlands.
  • borough I am from the borough of Manhattan.
  • bosh I don't believe a word of it, it's all bosh.
  • both Both of my parents were born in different countries.
  • bough The bird perched on the bough of the tree, looking out over the forest.
  • brag He always liked to brag about his accomplishments to anyone who would listen.
  • bragg
  • brash She was as brash as he was.
  • brig The sailor was thrown in the brig for disobeying orders.
  • bright The bright sunlight blinded me.
  • BRO Hey bro, can you lend me your car for the weekend?
  • broach She decided to broach the sensitive topic at the end of the meeting.
  • broad Broad strokes are needed to paint a good picture.
  • Brock I met Brock at the gym this morning.
  • brogue I love the stylish look of his new brogue shoes.
  • broil The chicken will broil in the oven for thirty minutes.
  • broke The glass broke in the storm.
  • brooch She wore a beautiful brooch with her evening dress.
  • brood Thesps were observing a brood of bats in the cave.
  • brook The brook flows quietly by.
  • broom The broom is cleaning the floor.
  • BROS "BROS" is a slang term for "brothers" which is used casually among male friends.
  • broth I like to make a broth from chicken bones and vegetables.
  • Brought My grandfather brought me a football when I was a boy.
  • brow
  • brown The bear's fur was a dark shade of brown.
  • brows She frequently raises her brows when she's puzzled.
  • brush
  • burgh
  • trough The horses lined up at the trough to drink water.

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