Correct spelling for BROKED

We think the word broked is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for broked

  • baked So indulgent was the government, that it ground and baked the allowance which at one time was made in the shape of corn.
  • booked "This dance is already booked," Pierre answered, and kept his eyes on the tall man with the scarred face and the resolute jaw.
  • bored I thought from something you said in a letter that perhaps I rather bored you talking of her.
  • brake Next moment Jerry beheld a large animal bound with a crash through the brake straight at him.
  • breed The homer will breed more squabs in a year and use less feed, per pair, a year, than any bird I have ever handled.
  • broad When she awoke it was broad daylight.
  • brocade The mother, gratified at first at beholding her daughter in a fine gown of gold brocade, her hair dressed like that of a duchess, and wearing open-worked stockings, satin shoes, and receiving the plaudits of the audience, ended by screaming out from her seat in the gallery:- "You shall soon hear of me, murderer of your own mother!
  • broke And then she broke down.
  • broken I thought possibly someone had broken in."
  • broker But she knew the little broker in Steevens's Road: she would go to him and see if he had any beds, and if he would help her to put them up at once!
  • brood And all that day, while incandescent heat tried to boil illimitable waters, the strange fowl waddled on with her noxious brood.
  • brooke Then as he turned into the main street at the corner, he saw that Emily Brooke was riding slowly up the hill on her old white horse.
  • Barked The way they barked and snapped out there in the darkness was as wild a thing to hear as any boy could have wished for.
  • Bred Boone sprang from the hills that bred a race which some one had called "The Roundheads of the South."
  • Bricked A small, formal lawn was adorned with a square fish-pond, bricked round, and covered with the green weepings of four willows, which drooped over it, from their station, at each corner.
  • Brooked But these kind of talks, I say, Mr. Badman better brooked than he did the company of better men.
  • Raked The house seemed warm and inviting after the piercing outer air, although the kitchen into which they entered contained only a raked and slumbering fire at one end, over which, on a crook, hung the immense pan of potatoes cooking for the evening meal of the pigs.
  • Rocked In a few minutes the towering pillar of canvass had disappeared; and the ship, under bare poles, rocked like a cradle on the ocean, without advancing an inch in her course; the helm, too, having lost all its guiding power, her head moved slowly about, as if uncertain of its way.
  • Rooked Things looked rosy for the Mulligan boys, who chuckled as they thought how soon they were making a beginning, and what a magnificent yarn they would have to tell about how they rooked a priest on the way down.
  • brokered claims and administers Western Sahara whose sovereignty remains unresolved - UN-administered cease-fire has remained in effect since September 1991, but attempts to hold a referendum have failed and parties thus far have rejected all brokered proposals; Morocco protests Spain's control over the coastal enclaves of Ceuta, Melilla, and Penon de Velez de la Gomera, the islands of Penon de Alhucemas and Islas Chafarinas, and surrounding waters; discussions have not progressed on a comprehensive maritime delimitation, setting limits on resource exploration and refugee interdiction, since Morocco's 2002 rejection of Spain's unilateral designation of a median line from the Canary Islands; Morocco serves as one of the primary launching areas of illegal migration into Spain from North Africa
  • braked Roger braked the small craft and brought it to rest alongside the others.
  • brisked He had ungenerously deemed the strained voice in the darkness beside him a mere piece of play-acting, but here was proof of genuine feeling, all the more convincing because the Chamberlain suddenly brisked up and coughed and assumed a new tone, as if ashamed of his surrender to a sentiment.
  • arch-duke Now what had happened to the fourth and fifth columns under Kinsky and the Arch-Duke? I must describe their fortunes, show why they had failed to come up, and thus complete the picture of the general advance from the Scheldt, before I turn to conclude the explanation of the disaster by detailing the further adventures of Clerfayt after he had crossed the Lys.

71 words made from the letters broked

3 letter words made from broked:

deb, bed, dre, bod, reb, edo, doe, kob, kor, roe, ore, ode, oed, rod, keb, rob, red, orb.

5 letter words made from broked:

bored, berko, bedok, broke, roked, boked, robed, dobek, brode, dober, bodek, borek, dekor, borde, dobre, bredo, droke, boder, broek, kober, boker.

4 letter words made from broked:

rebo, kerb, berk, doer, oked, dork, beor, deok, beko, kebo, bode, doek, krob, drob, dero, deor, debo, brdo, dkbo, kore, redo, doke, oder, robe, orbe, reko, ebro, boek, bork, boer, bore, brko.

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