Correct spelling for BRONG

We think the word brong is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for brong

  • Bronte
  • Critics agree in placing the novels of mrs. gaskell on a level with the works of jane austen and charlotte bronte.

  • Bruno
  • Do you really reckon there is anything in it all, bruno?

  • Prong(Definition of prong)
  • Special =marquette prong binder=, black morocco leather and full gilt =5.00=

  • Bonk
  • Taking damage will cause bonk to lose a certain amount of hearts, and hearts can be refilled through items, such as fruit, collected throughout the game.

  • Bongo
  • Gabon: chief of state: president el hadj omar bongo (since 2 december 1967)

  • Briny(Definition of briny)
  • As night spreads its shadows over the briny scene, and the steaming craft surges onward over rolling swells, this delicate girl may be seen emerging from her cabin confines, leaning on franconia's arm as she approaches the promenade deck.

  • Browns
  • It is the best vat to use where indigo dyeing is carried on at irregular intervals, also for dyeing dark shades of navy blue and for giving an indigo bottom for dark blues, browns and greens.

  • Broncs
  • While still in grade school, buster had run away from home several times, and would skip school to spend time at the stockyards where he learned to ride broncs.

  • Byronic
  • He wore a byronic sort of collar, with a wide tie, and his shoulders were draped in an italian military cape, effectively thrown back from the one wide frog that clasped it just below the flowing ends of the tie.

  • Brno(Definition of Brno)
  • Petr fiala, tschechischer philharmonischer chor brno, anton bruckner: motets - cd: mdg 322 1422-2, 2006 michael stenov, cantores carmeli, benefizkonzert karmelitenkirche linz - cd/dvd issued by the choir, 2006, and on youtube.

  • Brag(Definition of brag)
  • Only, you really must not brag and swagger, and you must get out of the habit of talking louder than any one else.

  • Brock(Definition of Brock)
  • But while brock was absent at detroit, about the middle of august, sir george prevost, the british commander-in-chief, had very unwisely concluded an armistice with general dearborn, the terms of which extended only to the right wing of the united states army.

  • Bang(Definition of bang)
  • Bang around the world to get the poison out of my system.

  • Bronco(Definition of bronco)
  • He is the big baby, but he pretends he is bronco.

  • Browne(Definition of browne)
  • Truly yours, charles f. browne.

  • Wrong(Definition of wrong)
  • Oh, how wrong you were about the 'times'!

  • Brine(Definition of brine)
  • Our air is automatically cooled down to the temperature of the brine in the tank thereby eliminating all possibility of moisture in the air pipes.

  • Bronx
  • Flew it over to the bronx and back with a load of supplies."

  • Boring(Definition of boring)
  • In order to ascertain this, colored liquids were introduced into the glacier by means of boring, and it was found that they threaded their way through the mass of the ice and reappeared at lower points with astonishing rapidity.

  • Baring
  • Other classes whose avocations led them to baring their bodies in public followed-the carpenters, for instance, and running grooms; and the tradition remained of ornamenting almost the entire body and limbs with a hunting, theatrical, or other showy scene.

  • Bung(Definition of bung)
  • We should strive, however, to lead such lives that we will never be ashamed to look a cider barrel square in the bung.

  • Barony(Definition of barony)
  • Recently the extreme anxiety which lord monmouth had evinced about terminating the abeyance of the barony to which his first wife was a co-heiress in favour of his grandson, had alarmed lucretia.

  • Bragg
  • Bragg retreated to dalton in northwestern georgia, where the command of his army was given to general j. e. johnston.

  • Sarong(Definition of sarong)
  • From the funan era to the angkor era, there was a strong hindu influence in cambodian fashion which favored wearing sampots over the lower body and oftentimes nothing from the waist up except jewelry including bracelets and collars such as the sarong kor, a symbol of hinduism.

  • Brown(Definition of brown)
  • A brown head was moving rapidly towards them.

  • Bering
  • Now, therefore, i, grover cleveland, president of the united states, hereby warn all persons against entering the waters of bering sea within the dominion of the united states for the purpose of violating the provisions of said section 1956 of the revised statutes; and i hereby proclaim that all persons found to be or to have been engaged in any violation of the laws of the united states in said waters will be arrested, proceeded against, and punished as above provided.

  • Brook(Definition of brook)
  • Then he leaped over the laughing brook and once more began to search through the green forest.

  • Rung(Definition of rung)
  • They were rung on market days to please the farmers who came into town with their wagons loaded with poultry and vegetables.

  • Byron
  • They talked of literature, lord byron, converzaziones, and lydia white.

  • Bran(Definition of bran)
  • Either the starch or bran bath may be tried, while olive oil should be frequently and lightly rubbed over the chafed part.

  • Bronc
  • Bareback bronc riding is one of the most physically demanding events in rodeo, with a high injury rate.

  • Wrung(Definition of Wrung)
  • The help, black and white, kept running up and downstairs like hens with their necks wrung.

  • Brink(Definition of brink)
  • And i have built a house, a house upon the brink of high and twisted cliffs,-the sea's low singing fills it.

  • Bronze(Definition of bronze)
  • And her tale was still growing when the carriage pulled up before the bronze lions that guarded the house of the wolf, and i handed the ladies up the steps.

  • Rang(Definition of Rang)
  • As he crossed an old road, the green forest rang with the roar of a terrible gun.

  • Boron(Definition of boron)
  • Acceptors, p-type boron is a p-type dopant.

  • Brig(Definition of brig)
  • The foreign commerce of wilmington began in 1740 with the building of a brig named after the town, and was continued successfully for a hundred years.

  • Belong(Definition of belong)
  • Of course they could belong to any set they pleased."

    I hope you find where you belong Hello, good-bye, life goes on

    – Love Gets In the Way by blake shelton
  • Baronage(Definition of baronage)
  • In showing that scottish barons are titles of nobility, reference may be made, amongst others, to the lyon court in the petition of maclean of ardgour for a birthbrieve by interlocutor dated 26 february 1943 which "finds and declares that the minor barons of scotland are, and have both in this nobiliary court, and in the court of session, been recognised as 'titled nobility, and that the estait of the baronage (the barones minores) is of the ancient feudal nobility of scotland".

  • Barons
  • The bishops had to accept the status of barons.

  • Broke(Definition of broke)
  • This news broke his heart.

  • Bring(Definition of bring)
  • Panek, bring in our other ...

  • Brings
  • An hour brings no change.

  • Baron(Definition of baron)
  • I won't have baron discher.

  • Throng(Definition of throng)
  • They were waiting for the throng ahead to get through the doorway.

14 words made from the letters brong

3 letter words made from brong:

gob, nob, bog, orb, rob, nog, ron.

4 letter words made from brong:

bonr, norb, born, gorn, grob, bong.

5 letter words made from brong: