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How to spell BRUDGE correctly?

If you find yourself continuously mistyping "brudge", don't worry, it happens to everyone. The correct spelling is "bridge". So, next time, double-check to ensure you're spelling it accurately. Remember, practice makes perfect, and soon you'll be crossing bridges without a spelling error in sight! Keep up the good work.

List of suggestions on how to spell brudge correctly

  • abridge I had to abridge the novel in order to fit it into a shorter time frame for our book club meeting.
  • badge
  • begrudge I don't begrudge him his success; he worked hard to get where he is.
  • Bodge I had to bodge together a solution to the broken shelf until I could get a replacement.
  • bride The bride was beautiful and dressed in white.
  • bridge I love walking across the bridge to see the beautiful view of the city.
  • Bridged The new highway bridged the gap between the two cities, making travel much more efficient.
  • Bridger The Bridger Wilderness is a great place to trout fish.
  • bridges I often drive across the bridges in town.
  • bridget I'm going to my Bridget's penthouse party tonight.
  • bruce
  • bruegel The painting, "The Battle of Issus", is a replica of a painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
  • bruise He got a bruise on his leg from falling.
  • brute The brute force of the storm knocked down power lines and trees.
  • budge I always have to budge when I sit down because my butt is so big.
  • budgie I saw a beautiful green budgie at the pet store.
  • bulge The bulge in his pocket revealed that he was definitely carrying something.
  • dredge The workers used a dredge to remove sediment from the harbor floor.
  • drudge A drudge is someone who does menial work.
  • fridge
  • grudge I've been carrying this grudge against them for years.
  • ridge We hiked along the ridge of the mountain and enjoyed the picturesque view.
  • trudge

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