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How to spell BRUZE correctly?

For the misspelling "bruze", proper suggestions include the correct spelling "bruise", which refers to a discoloration of the skin caused by injury or trauma, "brute", meaning a person lacking intelligence or sensitivity or "brunch", representing a meal typically enjoyed between breakfast and lunch.

List of suggestions on how to spell bruze correctly

  • baize The poker table was lined with soft, green baize.
  • booze He drank a lot of booze and ended up making a fool of himself at the party.
  • brace She needed to wear a brace to support her injured ankle.
  • Brae The sheep grazed peacefully on the grassy brae.
  • braze The blacksmith will braze the metal pieces together to create the final structure.
  • Brazed The plumber brazed the joint to prevent any leaks.
  • brazen The thief's brazen attempt to steal from the store in broad daylight was captured on surveillance cameras.
  • breeze The breeze from the ocean made the hot summer day bearable.
  • Brice Brice is a French name for boys.
  • brie I always pair a nice red wine with brie cheese.
  • bronze The sculpture was cast in beautiful bronze.
  • bruce Bruce is a common name for men in North America.
  • bruise I accidentally bumped my knee and now there's a big bruise forming.
  • brunei Brunei is a small but wealthy state located in Southeast Asia.
  • brut
  • brute The brute force of the wind knocked down the trees.
  • brutes The brutes were roaring and snarling at each other during the confrontation.
  • Bryce Bryce is planning to go on a hike tomorrow.
  • buzz The sound of the nearby bees was a constant buzz in the air.
  • Cruz Senator Ted Cruz is a Republican politician from Texas.
  • raze The city government decided to raze the old building and build a new one in its place.
  • ruse The thief used a clever ruse to distract the guard while he snuck past.

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