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How to spell BUATY correctly?

If you've misspelled "buaty", worry not! The correct spelling is "beauty". Sometimes our fingers get ahead of our thoughts. Remember to double-check your writing to catch such errors. Improve your buaty by practicing spelling, and before long, your beauty will shine in all your written works!

List of suggestions on how to spell buaty correctly

  • bat Do not hit the bat with your hand.
  • bate
  • bats The bats in the cave are really fascinating.
  • batty My sister loves to wear batty hats during Halloween.
  • BATU
  • bay The bay is where I caught the fish.
  • beady The cat's beady eyes stared at the mouse.
  • beat She could hear the beat of her heart as she nervously approached the stage.
  • beauty She saw beauty everywhere.
  • Betty Betty is the new girl at school.
  • bitty It's so bitty I can't even see it!
  • blat The politician's lie was so obvious that it was a blat attempt to deceive the public.
  • boat The boat rocked from side to side.
  • booty
  • bounty The bounty on John's head was a large sum of money.
  • brat My sister can be a brat sometimes and it drives me crazy.
  • bratty Her little brother acted like a bratty child when he didn't get the toy he wanted.
  • buddy I'm going to my buddy's house.
  • bunt The baseball player attempted to bunt the ball and advance the runner on base.
  • buoy Just before putting out to sea, the captain ordered the crew to launch the buoy.
  • burt
  • bust
  • busty I always love going to the carnival because of the busty girls shaking things up.
  • but
  • Butte The small cabin overlooked the rocky butte in the distance.
  • butty I would love to have a cheese butty for my lunch today.
  • buy I need to buy some groceries before I come back home.

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