Correct spelling for BUEATY

We think the word bueaty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bueaty

  • bat A bat is hovering in the vines overhead.
  • bate I'll bate he was glad then!
  • batty I have lost the supreme contempt which I have always had for people who go batty in any sort of fanatical demonstration, like that last night.
  • bead Good crawled upon his stomach, painfully taking shelter behind rocks, till he was within two hundred yards; then he drew a fine bead upon the old ram.
  • beady It is enough to know that from the boughs of the elm above hang the orioles' gray castles where the females' beady eyes from their dangling citadels look out on the alien foes who pass beneath or up above where the great hawk swims the aerial blue like a plane without bombs.
  • beard "The beard is quite becoming," he observed.
  • beat They told me he had neither a hat nor an umbrella then, only the heavy, rough stick he used to beat us with when we were children."
  • beater "But," put in a third cautiously, fearful of making himself unpopular by repeating the tale with which he was fit to burst, "didst hear of that legend concerning the coolie of Panipara busti who went forth as a beater for the hunt, the time the Collector Sahib and others took long spears and killed wild boars?
  • beats "Phillis beats me; she always does, every day of my life.
  • beaut
  • beauty
  • beet
  • bet
  • beta
  • bitty
  • bleat
  • boat
  • booty
  • buddy
  • burt
  • busty
  • but
  • butty
  • meaty
  • peaty
  • suety
  • Betty
  • Butte
  • Bert
  • Berta
  • Bette
  • BATU Also those wherof the infynityve termyne or ende in tre, or in dre, the e beyng a consonant, as batre, abatre, combatre, rabatre, debatre: pendre, fendre, deffendre, tendre, rendre, uendre, must all chaunge re in u for the masculyn, sayeng batu, abatu, combatu, pendu, fendu, deffendu, uendu, tondu, addyng an e to it for the femynyn, sayeng batue, uendue, fendue, tondue; ye must except prendre with all his dirivatives, and make pris, prise; repris, reprise; compris, comprise; mespris, mesprise.

66 words made from the letters bueaty

4 letter words made from bueaty:

buea, auty, uyab, tuba, byut, baue, abut, byte, beau, ayte, ayub, yute, tuya, beta, yabe, taue, yetu, etau, ubay, taub, yabu, yuet, abye, abet, buey, beat, yeta, bate, baye, uate, tabu, tube, yuba, teba.

3 letter words made from bueaty:

buy, ate, aby, tau, yue, bet, yet, tea, eta, tub, bat, bye, tay, but, uta, eat, ute, bay, tab, yea, bey.

5 letter words made from bueaty:

beaut, beuty, butea, ebuya, tebay, baute, tyube, tayeb, buyat, ubaye, tubae.

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