Correct spelling for BUENO

We think the word bueno is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bueno

  • ban Daniel resists the king's invitation to worship Bel, which might have led him under the ban of Deut.
  • bane "Conventions," sighed Trix, "are the bane of one's existence.
  • barn "The barn at the back is got ready for them," she said; "perhaps it would be well to take them there at once."
  • bean But as it was a hard matter to keep back the Athenians, who were vexed at the delay, and were eagerly bent to fight, he divided the whole multitude into eight parts, and arranged by lot that that part which had the white bean should have leave to feast and take their ease, while the other seven were fighting.
  • being By the way, are you being sent home?"
  • ben How old are you, Ben?"
  • bend Scott advised me to run down to Medicine Bend for a few days to let the Morgans cool off.
  • benny Benny, though the smaller man, had him by the collar.
  • bent She bent over him and listened.
  • bern Within a few minutes only Van der Bern and two others of his command remained.
  • bin Whereby had thinks a bin as they might a bin, why then indeed it would a bin summut.
  • bingo For one thing, she explained to everybody, she had undertaken to supply a London Daily with a series of articles, written from the Seat of Hostilities, and for another, Bingo was on the Staff, and it would be so nice for him, poor dear, to have his wife near him in case he happened to get ...
  • bone "That's all very well, Simmy, but of what value is a back-bone in a case like mine?
  • bonn His mother died when he was young, and he found a foster-mother in Frau von Breuning, of Bonn.
  • bony Never mind; he shan't lay his bony finger on me .
  • boon Whether it meets with the expected success, or otherwise, I shall ever feel grateful for your obliging intentions towards me: at the same time, I am persuaded your lordship must coincide with my feelings, when I observe that the boon now pointed out was no more than the services I had the good fortune to be employed upon, gave me reason to expect long before this.
  • born "But although she is not born a lady, she is our friend," she continued.
  • borneo She died while Hayle was in North Borneo; is not that so, little man?"
  • bruno Bacon and Galileo in their prisons, Bruno and Vanini at the stake are illustrations of the disservice that Christianity has done the cause of civilization, and the obstruction it has offered to human well-being.
  • bubo bubo (buboes) An inflamed, tender swelling of a lymph node, especially in the area of the armpit or groin, that is characteristic of bubonic plague and syphilis.
  • bun Mun Bun and Margy fell asleep almost at once, it was so warm and cosy in Grandpa's sled.
  • bunco The monologue was an account of how a farmer got the best of a bunco steerer in New York City, and was delivered in the esoteric dialect of the Bowery.
  • bung When the fermentation has fully ceased, put the bung in tight.
  • bunk One afternoon he sat alone on the edge of his bunk.
  • bunny You let Johnny alone; and I'll let Bunny alone.
  • buns "We don't expect to get in on tea and buns; we expect to get it on whisky and beer.
  • bunt Pour a bunt kitchen dough into long, well-buttered tins, and when baked remove from the oven and cover thickly with boiled chocolate icing.
  • burn At the least insult, whether from a village or a town, were it from Berlin itself, burn it down."
  • burner The smith and the doctor believed the charcoal-burner, when he told them that all the vehicles in the village were in use, but he would find one elsewhere.
  • burns My name isn't Burke, and it isn't Burns.
  • burnt One lady whose house had been burnt by the Germans had walked over twenty miles with a small boy and girl.
  • juno Lady Mar soon after entered like Juno, in all her plumage of majesty and beauty.
  • keno Following this path until it became indistinguishable on a thick carpet of moss and leaves and coarse fern, he reached the big boulder at last; there he left Keno safely tied and hidden in a clump of alders.
  • reno Reno held his ground until reinforced, but Custer's troops were exterminated.
  • zeno She motioned him aside with a curt "Later"; and when Zeno held open the door of the litter, she said in a stifled tone: "I will walk.
  • Been They had been talking of Cherry, as they often did.
  • Leno ROVEREDO (10), an Austrian town in the Tyrol, pleasantly situated on the Leno, in the Laegerthal; is the centre of the Tyrolese silk trade.
  • Brno It took place on 31 August 1997 at the Masaryk Circuit located in Brno, Czech Republic.
  • Bono I will not be hoodwinked by the superficiality of your cui bono, and shall make you the answer that I am willing for an exceedingly paltry honorarium to rush into the Gordian knot and write you the most superior essays on every conceivable and inconceivable subject under the sun, as per enclosed samples which I forward respectfully for your delightful and golden opinions, guaranteeing faithfully that all of your readers in every hemisphere and postal district will fall in love with such a new departure and fresh tack.
  • BENZ Benz came tearing in; his interference crumpled; he felt a hard shoulder against his knees, and the next moment hit the ground with a terrible thud which knocked the wind completely out of him.
  • BANI On 23 November, clashes erupted as a National Transitional Council militia tried to apprehend a suspected loyalist in Bani Walid, which was one of the last pro-Gaddafi strongholds in the civil war.
  • BOEING The Boeing X-37B, a reusable unmanned spacecraft operated by USAF which is also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), has been successfully launched four times from Cape Canaveral.

28 words made from the letters bueno

3 letter words made from bueno:

nub, nbe, ben, neb, eon, nob, bun, one, ebn, neo.

4 letter words made from bueno:

bone, ubon, boue, beno, ouen, beon, ueno, buon, nube, oben, nebo, boen, ebon, nobu, buen, bune.

5 letter words made from bueno:

bueno, beuno.

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