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How to spell BUIXEOUS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "buixeous", fear not! Possible correct suggestions could include "beauteous" or "buxom". "Beauteous" means beautiful or charming, while "buxom" typically refers to a full-figured woman. Choose the correct term based on the intended meaning and context of your message.

List of suggestions on how to spell buixeous correctly

  • Bilious The smell of spoiled milk made him feel bilious and queasy.
  • Boogers My younger brother loves picking his boogers and wiping them on the wall.
  • Boohoos She couldn't help but let out a few boohoos after watching the sad ending of the movie.
  • Bookends I bought a pair of elegant bookends to keep my collection of novels organized and displayed.
  • Bookers I was amazed by the selection of fine spirits at Bookers, the renowned whiskey bar.
  • Boomers Many boomers are choosing to retire early and enjoy their golden years.
  • Bootees The baby's tiny feet were kept warm and cozy in a pair of soft bootees.
  • Bootes Bootes is a constellation located in the northern sky, near the celestial equator.
  • Boozers The boozers at the bar were already quite intoxicated by the time I arrived.
  • Boozes He always boozes excessively when he is celebrating his birthday.
  • Bounteous The bounteous harvest provided an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables for the community to enjoy.
  • Bulbous The toad had bulbous eyes that protruded from its head.
  • Bureaus The company has multiple bureaus across the country to handle different aspects of their operations.
  • Burgeons The number of tourists visiting the small coastal town burgeons during the summer months.
  • Duteous The duteous son always completed his chores without complaint.
  • Hideous The Halloween mask he wore was so hideous that it scared away all the trick-or-treaters.
  • Piteous The sight of the homeless man sleeping on the cold sidewalk was piteous.
  • Quietus After a long and tiring day, she yearned for the blissful quietus of a peaceful night's sleep.
  • Ruinous The ruinous storm left extensive damage in its wake.
  • Timeous The team's timeous preparation led to a successful project completion ahead of schedule.

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