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How to spell BUIYING correctly?

If you meant to type "buiying" but got it wrong, the correct spelling would be "buying". Always double-check your spelling to avoid such mistakes. Additionally, you can rely on spell-check tools or proofreading to ensure error-free writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell buiying correctly

  • Babying
  • Baying The sound of the hounds baying in the distance signaled the beginning of the hunt.
  • Belying Her smile was belying her true feelings of sadness.
  • Biding He was just biding his time until the right opportunity presented itself.
  • biking
  • biting The biting cold wind made it difficult to walk outside without proper clothing.
  • Braying The sound of the donkey braying could be heard from miles away.
  • bullying Bullying is a serious problem that can have harmful effects on both the victim and the perpetrator.
  • Buoying The support from his colleagues was buoying and helped him overcome his fears.
  • burying I couldn't believe that he was burying chips in his garden.
  • busing Busing was implemented as a way to promote school integration in the 1970s.
  • Busying I have been busying myself with completing my assignments.
  • buying
  • Guying He was guying me all night long.

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