Correct spelling for BULCK

We think the word bulck is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bulck

  • back "I must go back," she said.
  • balk When it comes to starving a woman in cold blood, my conscience begins to balk.
  • balky The horse proved to be an obstreperous, balky thing, and as contrary as a mule.
  • beck He was a little afraid, judging from Philip's youth, that he could not play very well, and this would give him an opportunity of deciding how competent the boy was to take the place of Paul Beck, of Pomfret, who had quite a reputation in the towns around.
  • bilk As I think what I was, I sigh Desunt nonnulla! Years are creditors Sheridan's self could not bilk; But then, as my boy says, 'What right has a fullah To ask for the cream, when himself spilt the milk?' Perhaps when you're older, my lad, you'll discover The secret with which Auld Lang Syne there is gilt,- Superstition of old man, maid, poet, and lover,- That cream rises thickest on milk that was spilt!
  • black Here is another, Mary Greig, who made a black shawl, and returned it.
  • blake 190 Blake, Robert, his defence of Taunton, vi.
  • bleak In those days Martin found comfort in religion and became a power at the camp meetings; his prayers were renowned far and near, but the evil clutched him in an unguarded hour and one bleak, dreary springtime he met the Woman Mary and-let go!
  • bloc Author, to his writings partial, Musters their array en bloc, Which the Simpkins will not Marshall, And the Elliot will not Stock.
  • block They were, however, the few; the large majority were unbelievers, and the block-house was tenantless.
  • bloke Never mind-'honi soit qui mal y eighteen pence,' as the French poet bloke said!
  • bock I would ask you to step over the way and have a bock, but my finances forbid.
  • buck This is no place for a report of it, round by round; it must be summarised, even as the "Life and Battles" summarises the combat between Buck and the terrible Piker.
  • bulge But his shoulders were fat from lack of work, and the bulge of flesh around the armpits would probably make him slow in drawing a gun.
  • bulgy There was a sort of mesmerism in the very eloquence of Magee which kept my eyes riveted on his lips-rather big, bulgy lips in an expressive, sensitive face.
  • bulk 12,380. But would you continue to supply them if you did not have the bulk of their dealings?
  • bulky Among his effects was found a bulky mass of manuscript; almost trembling with joy and expectation Berkeley carried the treasure to Merville's room.
  • bull I did not know that the brigade had been most dreadfully cut up and General Taylor killed at the Bull Run Bridge until after I had been sent from the hospital ship to my father's house in Burlington, where I found a letter from Colonel Torbert commanding the brigade and asking me to serve on his staff.
  • bullock The idea of the jinrikisha is borrowed from Japan, but that of the small bullock cart comes from India, where they are common all over the country.
  • cluck With a cheerful cluck, a pluming, a spreading out of glistening feathers, a strutting and champing, Lady Sarah's cocks and hens used to awake betimes in the early morning.
  • luck Jim, we're in luck!
  • pluck However, "pluck" was always the watchword with me.
  • bulks The subject bulks largely in the works of Plato, Aristotle, Epictetus, Cicero.
  • BUICK Malone blasted two more high-velocity lead slugs at the driver of the big Buick, and at the same time the man in the Buick's rear seat fired at Boyd.

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cul, cub.

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