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How to spell BULCK correctly?

If you find yourself repeatedly misspelling the word "bulck", fret not! The correct term you are likely searching for is "bulk". Yes, that's right. So, next time you need to refer to a large quantity or mass, remember to use the correct spelling "bulk" and avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell bulck correctly

  • back
  • balk
  • beck
  • bilk He was convicted of trying to bilk investors out of millions of dollars.
  • black I am wearing a black shirt today.
  • block
  • bock He ordered a bock beer to pair with his schnitzel.
  • buck I need a buck to buy a coffee.
  • BUICK My grandfather has owned the same Buick for 20 years.
  • bulge The bulge in his pocket revealed that he had a wallet with him.
  • bulgy The bag was bulgy with all of his belongings.
  • bulk I bought the paper in bulk to save money.
  • bulks The farmer stored hay in bulks in order to have enough for the winter.
  • bulky
  • bull The bull ran through the fields with a herd of cows following closely behind.
  • bullock The bullock struggled to pull the heavy load uphill.
  • luck I had no luck finding my lost keys this morning.

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