What is the correct spelling for BULDE?

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Correct spelling for BULDE

We think the word bulde is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bulde

  • bald 9 A little bald-headed man came into London about two years ago, and his arrival was noted in a newspaper paragraph.
  • balder Balder looked at his brother.
  • baldy There sat Julia, flushed and joyous, finishing her supper in company with old Baldy Clairdyce, Newland Sanders, George Plum, seven or eight other young gentlemen, and some inconsidered adhering girls-the horrible barytone sitting closest of all to Julia.
  • balled For an instant the ringing of the bell held the various figures of the little scene in the rigid postures of a waxworks tableau-Bailey, one foot advanced toward Beresford, his hands balled up into fists-Beresford already in an attitude of defense-the detective about to step in between them-Miss Cornelia stiff in her chair-Dale over by the fireplace, her hand at her heart.
  • billed 671. I have never myself found the nest of the Red-billed Blue Magpie; although it does breed sparingly as far east as Simla and Kotegurh, it is not till you cross the Jumna that it is abundant.
  • blade And don't forget the rolling board and pin, nor the hoe blade."
  • bleed India shall bleed for all the fat years she has lain unplundered!
  • blue "Oh, I thought maybe you had," she murmured tremulously, for his blue eyes were unwaveringly upon her and she could not know how much or how little he might mean.
  • boiled The people of the world got fed up, gave a pox to both their houses, boiled over, formed a world government.
  • bold 70 "And what might that bold man's announcement be" xvi.
  • boulder They scrambled out to the edge of the Carn, and there, where the last great boulder thrust itself forward over the sea, Sam scrambled off to the left, and lowered himself down upon a turfy ledge.
  • bud Hullo, bud, going to jine the cavalry?
  • build He had heard that they would make the river a canal and build a dyke that should keep out the ocean.
  • builder Do you know the oath I took, there at that open grave, when all the tomfoolery was over, and that Jesuit jerry-builder had taken his hook?
  • bulge One man with an ugly bulge in his side- pocket-you have seen at Drury Lane how quickly the revolver comes out?
  • bullet
  • bullied
  • burled
  • Bailed We took in plenty of spray, but nothing green-nothing that couldn't be bailed without stopping.
  • Baled In the morning the gale has greatly abated; the men have a hearty breakfast provided by the hospitable captain: their boat is by his orders hauled up, baled out, and as everything has been washed out of her, the captain lends them oars, and they start for Ramsgate, giving their most hearty thanks for the great skill with which they were got on board the ship and saved, and for the kindness they have received on board.
  • Bawled Costs, forty shillings;" while another functionary bawled out, amid the increasing buzz in the court, "Have the goodness to wait, gentlemen of the jury.
  • Belied The stories which we have read of the fondness of the Arab for his horse were sadly belied by the fact of the condition of this troop.
  • Belled The horse could not be led up this steep, but, by unpacking him, we carried the baggage up, and then hobbled and belled the poor beast, and left him to pick a meal as best he could in this desolate valley.
  • Bled "S. R." The noble heart of Thaddeus bled over every line of this letter.
  • Blued They are neither soaked, boiled, nor blued, and they should not lie in the wash or rinse water.
  • Bowled I was quite certain that the man who bowled me out was a direct descendant of Julius Caesar.
  • Bugled The horse thrust its head over the side and bugled shrilly.
  • Bulged The earth is similarly flattened at the poles, and bulged out at the equator.
  • Bulked Her immense energy and power, which had bulked so large in the early history of Europe, and which had been so sadly scattered during the religious wars, was now to come to its own again.
  • Bulled
  • bolder I refer to Sir Robert Peel, whose acquaintance I enjoyed in England; and who is much younger, and perhaps bolder, than Lord Lansdowne.
  • bluet The azure stars of the bluet bloom That sprinkle the woodland's trance- No blink of blue that a cloud lets through Is sweet as their countenance: For, over the knolls that the woods perfume, The azure stars of the bluet bloom Are the light of the May's own glance.

27 words made from the letters bulde

3 letter words made from bulde:

led, dle, bed, dub, deb, eld, bel, leu, bud, due.

4 letter words made from bulde:

belu, deul, blue, leud, bedu, bude, uleb, delu, lude, dule, duel, lube, bleu, dube.

5 letter words made from bulde:

lubed, budel, blude.

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