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How to spell BULET correctly?

If you accidentally typed "bulet" instead of "bullet", don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Autocorrect might suggest alternatives like "bullet", "bulb" or "bucket". If none match what you intended, manually typing "bullet" is the way to go. Remember to double-check spellings to avoid future errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell bulet correctly

  • Baled The farmer baled the hay and put it in the barn for the winter.
  • ballet She practiced ballet for years before becoming a professional dancer.
  • belt I need to tighten my belt as my pants keep falling down.
  • bet
  • billet I have been assigned to a new billet in the military.
  • blat The politician's lie was so obvious it was difficult not to blat out the truth.
  • bleat The lamb let out a loud bleat when it realized it was lost.
  • Bled After falling from his bike, he bled heavily from a cut on his knee.
  • blot
  • blt I love to order a classic BLT sandwich for lunch.
  • bluet
  • bolt I need to borrow a bolt for my bike.
  • built The building is built on the hill.
  • Bulled
  • bullet The bullet enters the room and splits the victim's skull open.
  • bullets After the shooting, police found dozens of bullets around the scene.
  • burled The antique dresser was beautifully crafted with burled walnut wood.
  • but
  • butler In the movie "The Butler," the butler provides service and support to the family.
  • let I would like to eat the pizza, but I can't let my stomach carry that much weight.
  • sublet My aunt works in a sublet office space.

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