What is the correct spelling for BURDEON?

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Correct spelling for BURDEON

We think the word burdeon is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for burdeon

  • bardeen 1972 — Identification of Cygnus X-1/HDE 226868 from dynamic observations as the first binary black hole candidate system 1972 — Stephen Hawking proves that the area of a classical black holes event horizon cannot decrease 1972 — James Bardeen, Brandon Carter, and Stephen Hawking propose four laws of black hole mechanics in analogy with the laws of thermodynamics 1972 — Jacob Bekenstein suggests that black holes have an entropy proportional to their surface area due to information loss effects 1974 — Stephen Hawking applies quantum field theory to black hole spacetimes and shows that black holes will radiate particles with a black-body spectrum which can cause black hole evaporation 1975 — James Bardeen and Jacobus Petterson show that the swirl of spacetime around a spinning black hole can act as a gyroscope stabilizing the orientation of the accretion disc and jets 1989 — Identification of microquasar V404 Cygni as a binary black hole candidate system 1994 — Charles Townes and colleagues observe ionized neon gas swirling around the center of our Galaxy at such high velocities that a possible black hole mass at the very center must be approximately equal to that of 3 million suns.
  • burden
  • burgeon
  • burton
  • button
  • Barton It was a quiet life at the Barton.
  • Bidden Taffy did as he was bidden.
  • Borden Borden was wearing the somewhat shabby blue serge suit in which he had travelled all day, and which he had neglected to brush.
  • Bordon
  • burdens
  • Baden And one rainy mornin' he wakes up in Baden Baden, or Monte Carlo, or wherever it was, to find that he's a double orphan at the age of twenty-two, with no home, no cash, and no trade.

232 words made from the letters burdeon

3 letter words made from burdeon:

edo, roe, rub, deb, don, dub, oed, doe, ern, ebn, duo, eon, orb, bur, neb, urn, nub, ode, red, ore, bud, run, rob, ron, rod, nob, nbe, uro, rue, dre, urd, ben, bod, dun, end, bun, bed, den, nod, one, due, reb, neo.

4 letter words made from burdeon:

doun, bodu, dour, doer, uren, boue, roud, robe, enur, edur, noer, dron, oben, ubon, brdo, norb, bore, nurd, nobu, bode, bure, buen, doub, ueno, doru, budo, ebur, oned, rund, nude, rude, ordu, beor, beno, dune, bern, node, nube, roen, ourn, breu, onur, uden, urde, dube, endo, euro, runo, boen, ouen, rube, reub, reno, ndou, beur, eudo, born, buon, drob, duen, deru, debo, duro, ebon, bonr, bond, donu, boru, drub, nuer, bune, redo, oure, nerd, bedu, orne, undo, bone, ebru, roue, nebo, bude, bend, bren, udon, burn, rune, ebro, nero, brue, renu, beon, edun, boer, beru, oude, ndur, rend, ruen, rebo, orbe, dero, uner, deor, oder, done.

5 letter words made from burdeon:

burde, broun, unred, noder, borde, dorne, durno, bornu, bueno, norbu, runed, broen, dubon, doner, boren, duron, boder, orben, bourn, orden, bunde, roben, beorn, brode, beron, dreno, nuder, renou, beour, douen, robed, onder, doren, roeun, bonde, breno, bruno, dober, ebdon, rudno, ebron, doune, borun, berno, under, duben, bruen, nored, oubre, boner, obure, rendu, buder, boned, bored, renob, neuro, drone, brune, nuber, duero, buron, buner, ndure, roden, dobre, ouden, unedo, brend, breon, beuno, unode, bound, urned, bredo, redon, duren, urbon, round, nobre, duner, nuodb, runde.

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