What is the correct spelling for BUREAUCY?

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Correct spelling for BUREAUCY

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Possible correct spellings for bureaucy

  • baccy Yes, by gad! I will, even if I have to forgo my baccy for a month to raise the oof. For, by the great gun of Athlone!
  • boreas But Scythian Aquilo prevailed, whose blast Tossed up the main and showed as shallow pools Each deep abyss; and yet was not the sea Heaped on the crags, for Corus' billows met The waves of Boreas: such seas had clashed Even were the winds withdrawn; Eurus enraged Burst from the cave, and Notus black with rain, And all the winds from every part of heaven Strove for their own; and thus the ocean stayed Within his boundaries.
  • brace After Brace got away from the mob he and Sam went home with me.
  • bracer The combat system allows for a number of unique weapons, armor, and moves, including the use of a hidden blade set in a bracer on the Assassins arm, and which also can be used to quietly assassinate targets.
  • brady I accompanied Lieutenant Brady, who commanded, and we had a running fight with the Indians, lasting several hours.
  • brass The brass tube is considerably extended by this process, sometimes even to double its first length.
  • brassy Instead of the bluish-black elytra which I had always considered invariable, they all possess a yellowish or brassy tinge; and the legs, instead of being black, are in most instances entirely of a light yellow,-and in all, more or less inclined to that colour.
  • bray His unfortunate partners, toiling away with pick and crowbar on the burning ledge, were clamorous from thirst, and Bray was becoming absurdly uneasy.
  • breach This is necessary to justify a breach with the Porte.
  • bread A round of crisp-bread?
  • break When they break off so short, they won't go back.
  • bream Billy became still more convinced that Captain Bream was mad, but answered that his mother was well, and that she had never been ill in her life to the best of his knowledge.
  • breezy The day is breezy and not too warm.
  • bureau The information bureau, steadily dwindling into the distance, was not listening.
  • bursa Astrakhan, Karizme, Delhi, Ispahan, Bagdad, Aleppo, Damascus, Bursa, Smyrna, and a thousand others were sacked or burned or utterly destroyed in his presence and by his troops; and perhaps his conscience would have been startled if a priest or philosopher had dared to number the millions of victims whom he had sacrificed to the establishment of peace and order.
  • bursar Certainty he was first Junior and then Senior Bursar for a time, while the tower was building, 1492-1504. But the scandal that he had to resign his bursarship for misappropriation of funds in connection with the tower may certainly be rejected.
  • bursary The BBC Radio Comedy Writers Bursary (or the BBC Radio Comedy Department Contract Writer) is a scheme through which emerging comedy writers work in-house at the BBC Radio Comedy department for a year.
  • crecy
  • curacy
  • racy
  • tracy
  • Beaus I Courted and Writ, Shew'd my Love and my Wit, And still pretty Flavia deny'd; 'Twas her Virtue I thought, Made me prove such a Sot, To adore her the more for her Pride: 'Till I happen'd to sit, By her Mask'd in a Pit, Whilst a crowd of gay Beaus held her play; When so wantonly free, Was her smart Repartee, I was cur'd and went blushing, went blushing away.
  • Bureaus As the managers of the bureaus had ten per cent.
  • Bursae When copulation takes place, the male butterfly or moth places a capsule of sperm (spermatophore) in a receptacle of the female (called the corpus bursae).
  • Breads In this connection attention should also be called to the common error that particles of husk are of advantage to breads of all sorts; the former consist chemically of exactly the same thing as sand, and are quite as indigestible, and this, in connection with what has just been said of their action on the delicate mucous membranes of the intestinal tract, should be quite enough to convince anyone that they are not only useless, but injurious.
  • breaks What else is there for him to do, unless he breaks the engagement?"
  • brews Seven months thereafter, lacking twenty-two, He, that of old did Carthage town undo, Did bravely midst them all himself advance, Requiring of them his inheritance; Although they justly made up the division, According to the shoe-welt-law's decision, By distributing store of brews and beef To these poor fellows that did pen the brief.
  • bores What bores you, amuses me; I love movement and noise, and even the tiresome things about travelling find favor in my eyes, provided they are a part of travelling.
  • bares He finds some friendliness in nature even now. Though her forces assail him with relentless fury, she gives him here the shelter of her evergreen tents, in windless depths of woodland; bares for him there a rood of sward or stubble whereon to find some crumb of comfort; leaves for him ungathered apples on the naked boughs, and on the unpruned tangles of vines wild grapes,-poor raisins of the frost,-the remnants of autumnal feasts of the robins and partridges.
  • brays Sasha lives at the Mall temporarily and Amber quickly becomes attracted to him, much to Brays dismay.
  • buries Her face was pale and swollen with weeping, and she stood rigid, as one who buries his fingernails deep into his palms and sobs.
  • BRAS Next it'll probably be eye shadow and colored bras.
  • breathy A number of languages use breathy voicing in a phonologically contrastive way.
  • breams Ambler was the second son of Humphry Ambler (~1681–1745) barrister of Stubbings Park Maidenhead and Bream's Buildings Chancery Lane, and his wife Ann, daughter of Charles Bream (~1662–1713) timber merchant of Bridewell and Breams Buildings.
  • byres Things real to them were the farm and farm stock, harvests and harvest-homes, the waggoners' teams, byres, orchards, garden, and cool dairy.
  • coolheadedness
  • coolheadednesses

169 words made from the letters bureaucy

3 letter words made from bureaucy:

cur, cab, are, rye, yue, rbc, uca, era, car, cer, ayr, abc, ear, cub, arb, cry, bay, bra, aby, aec, reb, buy, ray, bey, yea, rue, bar, bur, bye, cue, rub, ace, cay, rya, arc.

5 letter words made from bureaucy:

beary, barce, bayer, yacub, cuber, ebury, berau, abreu, cauer, earby, breac, curby, bruce, carby, brace, bucey, bauru, bucur, rabey, racey, yebra, bucay, cabre, auber, burcu, becry, rebuy, eruca, ebuya, beury, cayer, curau, crabe, acerb, bercy, curae, braye, bacre, bucer, acrey, burya, buyer, cabey, barey, ubaye, bracy, urabe, breau, barye, caber.

4 letter words made from bureaucy:

bury, baye, uyab, rabu, eyra, cuba, bear, bray, bayr, acer, breu, yuba, crye, racy, crue, byer, ryce, baue, bery, ruea, care, buey, ayer, buru, auer, buea, crab, rabe, ruby, reay, arby, yuce, ubay, yabe, acre, urey, ecru, ayub, erby, uaru, eury, ruba, race, aery, uray, yura, crau, ryba, raue, urea, arey, bare, ebur, baur, brya, ubac, arcy, cube, yuca, ruey, urby, beau, abye, ayre, uyar, brue, cebu, erya, beur, cuby, yabu, bure, cure, raby, aury, beru, reub, urca, ebru, year, curb, rube, bura, raub.

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