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How to spell BURRIED correctly?

If you find yourself consistently misspelling "burried", fret not! The correct spelling should be "buried". To avoid making this mistake, consider using mnemonic devices or visualization techniques. You could imagine burying a "u" deep underground or perhaps burying the improper spelling in a figurative graveyard of misspelled words.

List of suggestions on how to spell burried correctly

  • barred The entrance to the party was barred by security guards.
  • berried The bush was berried with ripe and juicy strawberries.
  • bur reed
  • buried He buried the treasure deep underground so that no one would find it.
  • burred The sound of the chainsaw burred through the forest.
  • burrito I would love to have a beef burrito for lunch.
  • Curried
  • hurried

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