Correct spelling for BUTOCKS

We think the word butocks is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for butocks

  • burdock "2. The rose burdock-lappa rosea-they give in cases of lepra icthyosis, and it has succeeded where other remedies had failed.
  • buttock It was found to be under the starboard buttock; where, from the bread-room, we could both hear and see the water rush in; and, as we then thought, two feet under water.
  • buttocks And very soon he found that old Maggie knew much better what she was about than he did; for, as soon as she felt the weight of the water, she did not attempt to go straight across; she deliberately turned her head down-stream, put her buttocks against the force of the current, and thus sideways, and very cautiously, and with many a thrilling stumble and catching up again, she proceeded to ford this whirling Aivron.
  • stocks She walked around to the other side of the table again and faced her father across it; then she added, slowly and coolly: "There must be a legal form of document drawn, in this transaction, and it must be signed, sealed and delivered exactly as would be done if the collateral offered, and the thing ultimately to be sold in this instance, were the stocks and bonds in which you usually deal.
  • Backs They lie just as they were let down on the ground by the poor fellows, their comrades, who brought them on their backs from the camp with the greatest tenderness but who are not allowed to remain with them.
  • Ticks They are exceedingly small ticks, which fix their claws firmly in the flesh, and cause intolerable itching.
  • docks At the docks I was put on board the "Rewa" where the officers and nurses greeted me as an old friend.
  • ducks Formerly people supposed that ducks could not be successfully grown without access to either pond, stream or coast line.
  • butts Their rifle butts hit the gravel and they stood rigid, with their backs to the cell door.
  • books 5951. Are your books kept there?
  • bedecks
  • tacks
  • blocks
  • bucks
  • tucks
  • bullocks
  • Burks
  • batiks
  • Becks
  • first-class
  • almsgivings
  • alsoran
  • amnemonic
  • antithesized
  • antithesizes
  • boobooing
  • buttondown
  • deglutitions
  • desiderates
  • doorposts
  • exercise-related
  • flippedout

106 words made from the letters butocks

4 letter words made from butocks:

kobs, buko, scot, boku, ktbc, scut, stob, kbot, ucko, kotb, sock, kout, buto, tubo, buck, cost, oust, botc, kubo, skbt, buts, souk, bosc, kust, bouc, tsou, kbto, cots, buco, tkos, stub, kcbs, bout, cuts, bock, tubs, tous, tobu, kocs, tusk, osku, otus, soku, bous, toub, toks, ckst, suck, ouks, tuck, suco, cusk, skou, touk, bust, kuso, kctu, tuks, tosk, suto.

5 letter words made from butocks:

cobus, busko, bocks, tsubo, bouck, kubot, tubos, bucks, kouts, kbots, stuck, tocks, custo, tucks, bouts, bouks, scout, stock, busco, bucko, souct, touks, kobus, bosut.

3 letter words made from butocks:

kob, bos, tub, out, oct, cst, sou, sub, but, utc, kos, cot, cob, otc, tko, cos, sot, sob, cub, bus, bot, cut.

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