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How to spell BUYED correctly?

If you mistakenly wrote "buyed" instead of "bought", here are correct alternatives: 1) purchased, 2) acquired, 3) procured, 4) obtained, 5) got or 6) invested in. These words express the action of acquiring something, aligning with the meaning of "buyed" you intended.

List of suggestions on how to spell buyed correctly

  • baaed
  • Bayed The bayed cougar bounded away into the forest.
  • bayer Billy doesn't like Bayer because of their humanitarian policies.
  • bed I was so exhausted after a long day that I collapsed onto my bed and fell asleep immediately.
  • Beyer
  • Bled I accidentally bled on my new shirt while trying to cut vegetables.
  • Blued The gunslinger's rifle was a blued steel monstrosity.
  • booed The audience booed loudly as the politician entered the stage.
  • Boyd After the accident, Boyd was rushed to the hospital.
  • Boyer Boyer won the championship last year.
  • Brayed I brayed my arm.
  • Bred The cows were Bred in Wisconsin.
  • bucked Donna was bucked off her horse in the rodeo.
  • bud I have a new bud, he's really weed.
  • Budded My friend has a new budded plant.
  • Budged
  • buffed He buffed his shoes to a high shine.
  • bugged I couldn't concentrate because the constant buzzing of the fly bugged me.
  • Bulled She was bulled by the classmate.
  • Bummed
  • Buoyed I was buoyed by her optimism.
  • buried He buried the treasure deep in the sand, hoping no one would find it.
  • burled Burled wood gives the interior of the cabin a cozy feel.
  • burned He was burned when he touched the electrical cord.
  • burred The sound of the machine was low and burred.
  • bushed I am bushed after hiking all day.
  • Busied She busied herself with preparing a gourmet meal for her guests.
  • Butted The butted end of the paper was perfectly aligned with the hole in the spindle.
  • buyer The buyer of the car is the company's new CEO.
  • buyers You can buy this car from the buyers in their lot.
  • Buzzed I was so buzzed from the party earlier that I don't even remember going to bed.
  • bye
  • byrd
  • dyed She dyed her hair bright pink for her birthday party.
  • eyed As he walked into the room, he could feel the curious gazes of everyone who eyed him.
  • Guyed The tower is guyed to prevent it from collapsing.
  • Obeyed He obeyed his father and studied hard.

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