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How to spell BUZZLE correctly?

If you've misspelled "buzzle", fret not! The correct spelling is "buzzle". It's a term that refers to something buzzing or making a buzzing sound. So, next time you encounter this word, remember to replace that 's' with a 'z' for the accurate spelling of "buzzle."

List of suggestions on how to spell buzzle correctly

  • bubble The children were happily playing with their bubble wands, creating a trail of rainbow bubbles in the air.
  • buckle I need to tighten the buckle on my belt.
  • bugle
  • burble The stream's gentle burble soothed the hiker's frazzled nerves.
  • burgle The thieves attempted to burgle the house, but luckily the alarm system was on and they were caught.
  • bustle The bustle of the city was strangely calming.
  • buzz
  • Buzzed I only had a small glass of wine, so I just felt a bit buzzed.
  • buzzer Someone has to press the buzzer to start the game.
  • buzzes The phone continually buzzes with notifications from social media.
  • dazzle The fireworks display was meant to dazzle the crowd.
  • fizzle The party started out strong, but eventually began to fizzle out.
  • guzzle The thirsty dog would guzzle down his water bowl in seconds.
  • guzzler I'm a huge guzzler of Diet Coke.
  • muzzle He put a muzzle on the dog to prevent it from biting anyone.
  • nozzle I can't find the nozzle for my vacuum cleaner.
  • nuzzle The puppy likes to nuzzle up against me when I'm sitting on the couch.
  • puzzle How do you solve a puzzle?
  • puzzler The crossword was a real puzzler and took me hours to complete.
  • sizzle I could hear the sizzle from the bacon in the pan.

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