What is the correct spelling for CAHERINE?

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Correct spelling for CAHERINE

We think the word caherine is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for caherine

  • carina In some specimens sent to me by the Rev. R. T. Lowe from off the Testudo caretta, taken near Madeira, the scuta have their lateral lobes broad and nearly rectangular: the carina extends nearly to between the terga: the terga are nearly straight, somewhat pointed at both ends, distant from the scuta, almost solid within, with their upper points bowed outwards: the whole capitulum is bluntly pointed, as in the var. chenophilus, to which form this makes a rather near approach.
  • caring I took off my clothes; and in two minutes I had clasped her fair body to mine, not caring much whether she slept on or whether I awoke her and brought our drama to a climax, which seemed inevitable.
  • catering There must be one Union and one only, catering for the agricultural labourers.
  • catherine It was a pleasanter sight to turn from this girl, who was even then weighing the price of her honour, to the cluster of fair faces around the tabouret of Madame Catherine, the King's sister, now the Duchesse de Bar.
  • cohere Worlds wax and wane, suns flame and glow and die; Through shoreless space their scattered ashes float, Unite, cohere, and wax to worlds again, Changing, yet changless-new, but ever old- No atom lost and not one atom gained, Though fire to vapor melt the adamant, Or feldspar fall in drops of summer rain.
  • coherence Secondly, it can be understood strictly as a mere unfolding of the contents of a confused apprehension; so that there is an advance only in point of coherence and distinctness.
  • coherent Why should they forsake a creed which unquestionably connected itself with Divine action and revelation in the past, and which presented itself actually to them under the embodiment of a widespread but coherent nation, all descended from Abraham and Israel, and of a glorious "city of solemnities," and of a temple which was itself a wonder of the world, and of which every detail was "according to a pattern" of Divine purpose, and in which all the worship, all the ritual, done at the altars and within the veil, was great with the majesty of Divine prescription?
  • gathering
  • heroine
  • Capering Fortunately, at last he trod on a thistle or a thorn, for when we looked round again to see why he was silent, he was capering on one leg, holding his wounded foot in his hands.
  • Careering It is not possible to imagine anything more exciting than the spectacle which the wild ones presented careering round the corral, uttering piercing screams, their heads erect and trunks aloft, the very emblems of rage and perplexity, of power and helplessness.
  • Cashiering The Gazette Officielle contains a decree cashiering M. Devienne, President of the Cour de Cassation, and sending him to be judged by his own court, for having been the intermediary between Badinguet and his mistress, Marguerite Bellanger.
  • Cohering But the more I held fast to the two poles of divine faith and of supreme science, which as such is also divine, the firmer footing did I gain in that point and that center in the everlasting Beginning, in which both are one and cease to be at issue, but rather intimately cohering, do but lend fresh life, strength, and elevation to each other.
  • Cameron The surprise of it kept them laughing, hands clasped, for a minute; then Cherry said: "I was to lunch here with Mary Cameron.
  • Katherine
  • Katharine
  • Kathrine
  • Corine
  • Corrine

230 words made from the letters caherine

3 letter words made from caherine:

chi, air, rna, ace, ene, ire, ear, are, ern, nec, cer, hie, can, hin, cia, eec, nee, ani, arc, hen, ain, inh, ane, ira, era, aec, car, nrc, ice, han.

5 letter words made from caherine:

cihan, carni, cairn, cheen, ercan, chena, ciena, rhein, arhin, erica, acene, ecrha, hiner, china, anier, chari, rence, cheia, ihren, crena, arine, cheer, hiace, achen, icher, creen, nacer, haeri, erech, chair, chine, acier, heian, erhai, anche, chier, nehra, areni, irena, erice, chain, crean, ierne, acree, erhan, chian, arieh, reich, chern, ancre, ncrha, ranee, ehren, rachi, chira, rahne, naree, hence, rhene, haine, cerae, niece, reach, niere, haner, haire, crane, racin, hiren, archi, reech, niche, nchar, rhine, rinch, caneh, aerie, naher, renai, neier, cinar, erian, rinca, hiree, incae, heena, rehan, eiche, cahir, rhina, crine, narch, ainee, cahen, cinae, nicha, haier, cerna, nachi, ranch, renhe, harin, rench, caire, raich, rihan, ceren, heier, acher, arcee, chien, caere, recai, cerne, neher, chene, reche, riche, caner, chein, heare, nacre.

4 letter words made from caherine:

erce, chie, hani, inca, cree, eien, nice, ehrc, hair, haei, race, erni, cene, heir, eech, erne, nieh, eier, erei, hera, acer, canh, chin, hean, arch, rehe, raie, here, rain, eire, ranh, hice, care, neah, heen, hear, acre, char, each, riha, inec, ecer, ieah, rein, nece, hire, ihar, reen, rani, enic, hare, aire, cran, rhea, hanc, ehre, ache, near, inch, rhee, reni, rahe, eira, rahn, eich, rehn, rece, erie, iran, cane, earn, cain, rich, rahi, cere, acne, rice, narc.

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