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How to spell CAKLLED correctly?

If you made the mistake of typing "caklled" instead of "called", don't worry! Here are some correct alternatives: "called", "called", "called", "called", and "called". Keep an eye out for typos and practice proofreading to avoid such simple errors in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell caklled correctly

  • Cabled I cabled my boss to inquire about my vacation request.
  • Cackled The old witch cackled as she stirred her bubbling cauldron.
  • Cajoled She cajoled her little cousin into eating his vegetables by telling him they would make him strong like his favorite superhero.
  • Caked My boots were caked with mud after walking through the wet field all day.
  • Calked
  • called I called my friend to remind him of our dinner plans.
  • Caroled We caroled around the neighborhood during the holidays, spreading cheer to all who heard us sing.
  • Carolled The birds carolled a beautiful melody in the morning sun.
  • caulked My father caulked the windows to prevent cold air from getting in.
  • Caviled She caviled endlessly about the cost of everything.
  • Cavilled She cavilled at every proposal he made, even when they were sensible and practical.
  • Culled The old textbooks were culled from the library's collection to make space for newer editions.
  • galled The fact that I was the only one who didn't get a promotion really galled me.

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