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How to spell CAL correctly?

If you've ever encountered the misspelling "cal", fear not! There are a couple of possible correct suggestions for this common error. One option could be "call", which refers to making a phone call. Another suggestion might be "calm", which conveys a sense of tranquility. Ensure your writing is accurate by double-checking the spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell cal correctly

  • al Al is a common Arabic prefix that means "the" or "of the".
  • ca
  • cab
  • cad I don't want to be friends with that cad who cheated on my sister.
  • Cai
  • Cal Cal wanted to go for a run, but it was too hot outside.
  • calf I saw a cute calf frolicking in the pasture.
  • cali
  • calk I need to patch up that hole in the calk.
  • call Can you please call me when you are free?
  • calm I try to remain calm even in the most stressful situations.
  • cam The cam mechanism in the engine converts rotary motion into reciprocal motion.
  • can I can't believe it's already dark outside.
  • cap Eddie had a new cap for the game.
  • car
  • Carl I am Carl the cobbler.
  • cat My cat loves to chase after mice.
  • caw CRACK caw!
  • cay She enjoys swimming in cay waters.
  • cl
  • coal The coal industry has been heavily impacted by the growth of renewable energy sources.
  • col I asked if I could borrow a col book.
  • CPL The company has a CPL program.
  • gal
  • Hal Hal graduated from college this year.
  • pal I have a new pal who shares my love of hockey.
  • Sal Sal is a common abbreviation for the Spanish word "salud," which means "health" or "cheers.
  • Val Val is short for Valentine's Day.

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