Correct spelling for CALCHURES

We think the word calchures is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for calchures

  • calcareous As the arming of the lead from all the greater depths showed a smooth sandy bottom, I at first concluded that the whole consisted of a vast conical pile of calcareous sand, but the sudden increase of depth at some points, and the circumstance of the line having been cut, as if rubbed, when between five hundred and six hundred fathoms were out, indicate the probable existence of submarine cliffs.
  • Cultures Nowak also confirmed Bang by obtaining cultures in an atmosphere of nearly pure oxygen, as well as in ordinary air under a pressure of three atmospheres.
  • clashes Clashes had been more frequent here, and the dead bodies of soldiers, crumpled up in the trench or lying, unrescued, on the scarred and fire-swept surface of "no man's land" were not an unusual sight.
  • cliches Poor Henry was an unhappy husband whose wife had a habit of using bad cliches.
  • closures Anonymous functions behave as true closures in that they automatically capture any variables that are lexically available in the environment of the enclosing function.
  • calories Sleeping 10 hours at 70 calories per hour 700 Resting 6 hours, 23 minutes, at 77 calories per hour 497 Running 7 hours, 33 minutes, at 561 calories per hour 4236 -- 5433
  • cloches Sing the song of "The Bells" in the Cloches,' said Dick, taking her by the arm.
  • grotesquenesses
  • gung-ho

400 words made from the letters calchures

3 letter words made from calchures:

esr, als, hel, sue, sle, ale, cer, sec, url, usa, cur, uca, cul, ler, sha, ash, asl, aec, res, era, ear, ras, use, lac, ecc, cue, sac, leu, rue, hus, lea, are, lah, car, sur, sea, ace, arc, hue.

4 letter words made from calchures:

heal, erhu, chue, hear, euch, suar, rauh, huls, lesh, sule, suea, rhus, rale, urca, luce, elua, ehrc, eash, ares, rash, user, shua, lure, chua, lace, auer, lear, ruhe, acer, hale, rahe, real, cars, luch, hera, cuch, heru, cseh, acre, hela, sula, hurl, cure, hula, haue, cash, rahl, rahu, arse, esau, asur, hael, leus, raue, aleh, saul, ruea, luar, seha, suel, ruse, lahr, auch, scar, hare, case, seal, asch, lush, hule, crau, rhue, esla, eral, slah, cech, heur, ache, leur, hues, rase, cahl, slue, haru, rues, lash, rule, earl, haul, crue, ruhl, urea, caul, saue, sale, shue, huse, eruh, care, reul, rcsl, urcc, uhle, such, arul, sure, sura, uale, clue, suhl, arch, rhea, suer, luhr, lahu, uher, raus, cual, sear, alur, helu, crus, each, saru, sehr, char, race, shul, luer, rush, uche, ashe, curl, suhr, salh, resh, ruch, ecru, slur.

5 letter words made from calchures:

aures, sacer, lehrs, luhrs, searl, harls, scale, culch, shaer, ushra, checa, creus, rauch, chaul, cleah, hercs, cceur, schur, cauer, cheru, lharc, lucas, chesa, hucar, chale, hulse, sulae, shule, lucre, reach, hecla, curls, cruse, leach, esula, eucla, lahrs, ceras, cache, sacul, saule, sauch, schul, cahul, scher, hulce, lures, herla, alers, cures, seach, hesar, urach, hrccs, lauch, lehar, larch, lucha, elsah, luers, cluch, curse, cerus, chura, rasch, ahles, elusa, harue, rhule, ruach, share, larus, urase, acres, cesca, rehal, resul, shale, uhler, surae, rules, scarl, sarel, alces, acher, ecusa, lusca, cuers, saler, rusal, crche, lurch, crash, cruch, cecal, lacus, hasel, churl, seral, suhre, rusch, arcus, chuar, rseau, alush, cuche, chela, cares, huser, ursae, leash, chula, lecca, leuca, shear, lesch, rushe, clues, ureas, lucea, sauer, schal, acuse, sahul, cauch, hares, elash, lacer, hause, scare, luach, clear, usher, urals, aleus, erhua, luces, ruhle, lasch, ulhas, haler, sahle, hauer, suche, chael, cacus, salur, serch, schue, heals, ceral, luchs, lause, hasle, cular, ecrha, laser, herls, lucca, asleh, saher, clase, hules, hales, schea, saleh, schar, scrae, shalu, arhus, luche, rauls, aruch, suare, sueca, shuar, rheal, rasul, selar, luras, creal, ashur, shure, cueca, alceu, hulas, laers, aruhe, aesch, leuch, cause, husar, reals, laces, huers, surch, curae, cruce, hurls, clach, sucre, chure, hears, ulcer, arcel, schau, lusch, sahur, clash, scheu, rusca, sauce, ecrus, sehra, chase, cruel, ruehl, crace, sahuc, hural, eruca, crush.

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