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How to spell CALIING correctly?

If you've typed "caliing" instead of "calling", don't fret! Here are some correct suggestions to fix this misspelling: 1. Calling - the correct spelling you intended. 2. Dialing - another word for making a phone call. 3. Culling - selecting or removing something. Remember to double-check your spelling before hitting that send button!

List of suggestions on how to spell caliing correctly

  • Cabling Cabling can be a challenge; it's important to be able todo it correctly the first time.
  • Calking I can't complete that task without calking the windows first.
  • calling I heard his calling to become a doctor from a young age.
  • callings The callings of his life included being a priest and a preacher.
  • calming The sound of ocean waves crashing was calming and relaxing to her.
  • calvin Calvin is a common name in many western countries.
  • calving The farmer is eagerly awaiting the calving season for his cows.
  • caulking The caulking around the windows needed to be replaced to prevent leaks.
  • caviling The monkey was caviling about why he couldn't go outside.
  • cling
  • Coaling We're coaling up for the final leg of our voyage.
  • Culling The culling of deer in the park was necessary to maintain a healthy balance of the ecosystem.
  • galling I can't stand the way he talks - it's so galling!
  • scaling Scaling a steep mountain requires a lot of strength and endurance.

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