What is the correct spelling for CALSE?

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Correct spelling for CALSE

We think the word calse is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for calse

  • blase She is blase at nineteen-think what she will be at nine-and-twenty.
  • calais So it is far better I should take the straight way home by Calais, through Brussels, Cologne, Coblenz, and thus by the Rhine to Frankfort.
  • cali The Calm (Insane Clown Posse EP) The Calm (Kaskade album) The Calm (Hostyle Gospel album) "The Calm (Interlude)", a song by Tinashe from Aquarius (Tinashe album) A piece of music by Vektroid from the album Neo Cali
  • call I returned Zanovitch's call the next day.
  • callas It was to prove a fruitful collaboration and Callas and Bernstein went on to perform together many times.
  • caller Above all, admit no caller.
  • callus The median paralysis was found to be accompanied by the inclusion of the nerve in a sort of foramen of callus, when the patient was explored at a later date by Mr. Ballance.
  • calve I learned that the two who had taken my rooms were Emma Calve and one of her friends.
  • case In that case please be frank with me.
  • cassie With the light falling full upon his dirty, insolent face, Rose knew that her greatest dread was before her. With her knees almost sinking under her, she started toward the stairs, for she felt that she must let the intrepid Cassie know, and find out what she advised.
  • cause Now come along, and we'll slip home before it gets late enough to cause trouble.
  • clash The wailing of women and children mingled with the clash of swords and the cries of battle.
  • clasp Mr. Weston's clasp on his little daughter's hand tightened.
  • class A boy who has not passed belongs to the class called 'non nant.
  • classy However, for some in Poland prima aprilis ends at noon of April 1st, and prima aprilis jokes after that hour are considered inappropriate and not classy.
  • clause Clause 2.-Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.
  • close They were tremblingly close to the first kiss.
  • closer "We can venture no closer," he explained.
  • clue Oh, why didn't he give us a clue?
  • coalesce The only question was whether the diverse and mutually hostile factions which had followed the fortunes of Crawford, Calhoun, and Jackson could coalesce into a consistent opposition.
  • coarse His feet tangled in the coarse thatchwork.
  • cole "I suggest to you," the counsel went on, "that in those Rents Jasper Cole became Rex Holland."
  • false
  • gale
  • glace
  • glaser
  • glass
  • glaze
  • sales
  • wales
  • Cal Mother, she said, father never gets hurt, but Cal is so young.
  • Calves He wouldn't get the horses nor the other cows-only the milk-pen calves.
  • Canes But there was nothing that I could discover; cutting the canes on the left and the right, I advanced ten yards more, when, to my surprise, I perceived, thirty feet above me, a large panther embracing the trunk of a tree with its huge paws, and looking angrily below at the dogs.
  • Causer The Complaint of Chaucer to his Purse The Complaint of Mars The Complaint of Venus The Former Age The Truth Womanly Noblesse accumbrous, advocatrice, ancille, artillery, aspen, benevolence, besprent, blaspheme, blasphemer, cannel-bone, carrack, carack, cart-wheel, castigation, causer, collusion, comeliness, complaint, confeder, convict, coverter, craze, create, dapple-grey, delicacy, desespeire, desperation, distrouble, down, dullness, dulness, emboss, enfortune, enlumine, entune, envoy, envy, errant, eterne, fattish, fawn, feigned, fers, fickleness, fleshy, flute, forloin, fortune, fortuned, furious, gere, glazing, half-word, hearse, Hercules, humblesse, inconstance, interess, jane, knack, lake, lambish, lancegay, leer, likeliness, limer, litster, lustihead, meet, midpoint, overstrew, prose, rechase, resign, royalty, scant, seeming, solein, solitude, sore, sough, sturdily, suffisance, suing, surmount, sweaty, tall, Tantalus, tapet, Tartary, tickleness, tongued, traitress, traitoress, Turkey, tyranny, uncorven, uncoupling, unforged, ungrubbed, unsown, weld, well-faring, well-founded, whirling, wildly, wildness
  • Clare With a few friends Clare was drinking success to his goose-chase when there appeared two "real gentlemen" from Stamford.
  • Tales
  • Carlos Rollo told Carlos that he supposed this bear must have come from the north pole.
  • Culls
  • Caleb Caleb B. Smith .......
  • Casey Who is Mr. Casey?
  • Claus Tell Pauly to call my house and send Claus down here with a closed car.
  • Giles
  • Jules
  • Callie Calliope (TV series), an animation program Calliope (Sandman), a story in the 1990 collection Dream Country, from The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman Calliope daughter of Kratos, a character in the video game series God of War Calliope, another name for the Origins Award for outstanding work in the game industry Callie Torres, a character in the TV series Greys Anatomy whose full name is Calliope Calliope, a character from the webcomic Homestuck
  • Colas ↑ (in Spanish) Noticias24, 1 March 2009, Mañana comienza el "Plan Vía Libre" para combatir las colas en Caracas1 2 "Caracas, Venezuela".
  • Coals He helped me carry the coals upstairs yesterday."
  • Males
  • Scales
  • calms The 22d July, 1611, we got sight of the Table and point of Saldanha, bearing east, twelve leagues distant; but owing to calms and contrary winds, it was the 24th before we got moored in the road.
  • cools
  • cowls
  • caves The rocks have not time to cool before the sun is upon them again, and at evening, when descending from the caves, we find the thermometer actually rises in the night air.
  • cases The folk hereabouts never come to us in these Union cases.
  • cares All talk of impossibility only means that you don't believe that the nation cares to enter upon a serious campaign against the enemy at our gates.
  • capes In the city of Valencia they were splendidly arrayed, Feeding well, and wearing noble cloaks and gallant capes of fur.
  • gales
  • calls "He calls me when he's hungry.
  • cars "Clear these cars and-" "What's this?"
  • jails
  • caws A spokesman for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has criticized the CAWs "no-concession" stance, saying that it only serves to strengthen the opposition to a taxpayer-funded bailout for the struggling Detroit Three automakers.
  • cages The slaves wiped his mouth and feet with a napkin, and then carried the dish and bowl to the two cages, and having asked for the keys from the khwaja, they opened the locks.
  • coils I have separated the coils a little in this sketch so that you can think of a hedge between.
  • curls
  • GALS
  • LASE
  • ALES Anatol Auhustsinovich, head of construction department at the Soviet of Peoples Commissars (government) of Belarus of Belarus Siamion Babkou Heorhi Barzunou Vadzim Bashkevich, senior official at the Peoples Commissariate for Education Salamon Beilin Abram Belatsarkouski Yakau Branshteyn, literary critic Ivan Burdyka, government official Viktar Vaynou, journalist Aliaksandr Varonchanka, peoples commisar (minister) for education of Belarus Stanislau Varshauski Ryhor Vasilyeu-Vashchylin Anatol Volny, artist Mousha-Nokhim Habayeu Apanas Habrusiou Platon Halavach, writer Anton Heyshtern Iosif Hershon, deputy education minister of Belarus Yakau Hinsburh Abram Hosin Kanstantsin Hurski Nokhman Hurevich Mikalai Dzeniskevich, senior Communist Party official Mikalay Dzmitrau Ananiy Dziakau, president of the Belarusian State University in 1934-1935 Abram Drakakhrust Ales Dudar, poet * Khatskel Dunets, critic and writer Hirsh Elianson Mikalai Yermakou Ivan Zhyvutski, teacher Navum Zamalin, junior professor at Vitsebsk Veterinarian Institute Mikhas Zaretski, writer Aliaksandr Ziankovich Aliaksandr Ivanou Prokhar Ispraunikau, agriculture journalist from Vitsebsk Zakhar Kavaliou, statesman, Communist Party official Vasil Kaval, writer Zakhar Kavalchuk, Labour Union leader Mikalai Kandrashuk, senior official at the Peoples Commisariate for Light Industry of Belarus Salamon Kantar Mikhail Kapitanaki * Jazep Karaneuski, statesman, pedagogue Ivan Karpenka, veterinarian Herasim Kachanau Viktar Klianitski Todar Kliashtorny, poet Iosif Kudzelka, head of copyright department at the Union of Writers of Belarus Maisei Kulbak, Yiddish language writer Aliaksei Kuchynski, statesman, pedagogue, journalist Mikhail Labadayeu, Communist Party official Leanard Lashkevich, senior agriculture official Aliaksandr Levin, literature critic Salamon Levin, literature critic Pinia Leybin Khaim Liaybovich Maksim Liaukou, justice minister of Belarus Siamion Likhtenshteyn Mikite Lukashonak Yurka Liavonny, poet Salamon Liampert, student Elizar Mazel, veterinarian, scientist Leu Mayseeu, Communist Party of Byelorussia official Barys Malau, senior official at the Peoples Commisariate of Trade Valery Marakou, poet Stsiapan Marhelau, geography scientist Mikhail Marholin Barys Maryanau, Communist Party of Byelorussia official Pavel Maslennikau Andrei Melik-Shakhnazarau Abram Mirlin Mikalai Misnikou Dziamyan Mikhaylau, advisor at the government of Belarus Mikalay Mikheyeu Siarhei Mitskou, factory director, ministry official Sierhei Murzo, poet Pavel Mukhin, veterinarian Yakau Navakhrest Ivan Nestsiarovich Ivan Padsiavalau Ivan Paplyka Mikhail Pasmarnik Vasil Petrushenia, transport and utilities adviser at the government of Belarus Ziama Pivavarau, poet Mikhail Pitomtsau Apalon Pratapopau Ryhor Pratasenia, agriculture chemistry scientist Izrail Purys Aliaksandr Putsilouski Ivan Putsintsau Kuzma Piatrashyn Yanka Niomanski, writer, social activist Aron-Leyb Razumouski Mikhail Rydzeuski, university professor Aliaksandr Samakhvalau Yakau Sandamirski, university professor Oskar Saprytski, government official Ivan Sarokash Yakau Spektar, government official Vasil Starynski Vasil Stasheuski, writer Heorhi Strele, sovkhoz director Mikalai Suroutsau Dzmitry Sialou, official at the education ministry Pantsialey Siardziuk, biologist Miron Tanenbaum Yudal Taubin, poet Ivan Trotski Elia Trumpatski Andrei Turlay, Peoples Commissar for sovkhozy of Belarus Yauhen Uspenski, physicist Ryhor Falkin Aba Finkelshtayn Yausei Flombaum Isak Frydman, government official Dzmitry Kharlats Izi Kharyk, poet Piatro Khatuliou, literature critic Aliaksandr Charnushevich, education minister Mikalai Charniak Mikhas Charot, poet Kanstantsin Chachura Makar Shalay, literature critic Yudal Shapira Pavel Shastakou, journalist Aran Yudelson, Yiddish language poet Yakau Yulkin Viktar Yarkin, official at the Dniapro-Dzvina river steamboats navigation in Homel
  • CAFES She must wait until the gas was out, steal softly downstairs when her mother had gone to bed, pull the cord of the gate, and make her way across Paris, where you meet men who stare impertinently into your face, and pass brilliantly lighted cafes.
  • CLAWS Then claws or hands lifted him.
  • COLS
  • cables We were not more than two cables length from the breakers; and yet we could find no bottom to anchor, the only probable means we had left to save the ships.
  • galls
  • bales The doors and windows of our apartments had been blocked with boxes, bales of cotton, and huge cart-wheels to keep out the irrepressible throng.
  • dales
  • callers In the house, when there was no fear of callers, she wore large loose slippers that tap-tapped as she went.
  • cakes Which was why his cakes were so wonderful.
  • vales
  • clues But he saw that Rawlins out of the mass of apparently inexplicable clues had extracted this material one and would follow it desperately no matter who was hurt; and Robinson was behind him.
  • hales
  • pales

20 words made from the letters calse

3 letter words made from calse:

aec, ale, als, lac, sac, ace, sec, lea, asl, sle, sea.

5 letter words made from calse:

4 letter words made from calse:

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