How to spell CAMINTO correctly?

We think the word caminto is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell caminto correctly

  • amenity Each unit in the Cairo Flats was designed to "provide maximum amenity in minimum space for minimum rent".
  • cabinet A Judge of the Supreme Court, who came for a short talk, demanded yet a third style and got it, as did also one of the members of the President's Cabinet.
  • caiman Originally Blanquillo, the vessel was renamed on 24 September 1942 after the caiman, a fresh water alligator inhabiting the Amazon River, and launched on 30 March 1944 by Electric Boat Co.
  • camden Camden thought them to be the arms of the De Vaux family, and when this theory was exploded, Mr. Howard of Corby Castle reversed it, and suggested that the chequers on the De Vaux arms were taken from this monument.
  • camelot Coming at length to the Noble Tale of the Sangreal, he read how King Arthur, having come 'unto Camelot by the houre of undorn on Whytsonday,' and feasting with the fellowship of the Round Table, was told of the marvel wrought unto Balin's sword by Merlin.
  • candor For candor and childlike simplicity, the writings of Darwin are especially noteworthy among the modest utterances of great men, and nowhere are these qualities more strikingly revealed than in the following account of the production of his principal work.
  • cant He began casually to read, then went white as the laborious lines flowed and swam before his eyes: Dear Mister Townsend, owner of the cross mine, I write you because I am afraid I aint got your pardners name right and because Ive got something on my mind that I cant keep any more.
  • canter Get on him, Billy, an' shove out into the track for a canter.
  • canto Canto l'armi pietose e'l Capitano, Che'l gran Sepolcro libero di Cristo.
  • cantor Only one, Darrin; that was Lieutenant Cantor.
  • canute Oh, how the thought of the conversation last night came back to him now-the warning of Canute, the loving words of affection which had been spoken to him by those lips now cold in death!
  • carmine The wonders of the Carmine do not begin or end with La Bruna.
  • carnot He did not see the need of a specialized and authoritative War Office, though the triumphs achieved by Carnot and the Committee of Public Safety during the past twelvemonth might have opened his eyes.
  • casement The casement was wide open, pressing back the creepers; and the interior of Leo's room showed like a black, oblong patch.
  • cayman The body of the cayman writhed about, sometimes showing its torn white belly and again its speckled greenish back, while man, Nature's favorite, went on his way undisturbed by what the Brahmins and vegetarians would call so many cases of fratricide.
  • cement It is a constituent of choke damp due to explosions in coal-mines, and is given off from lime-kilns, brick-kilns, and cement-works.
  • claimant When Richard was dead, and John was made king in his stead, there was still another claimant to the throne,-his nephew Arthur,-and him the king in 1204 had murdered, so report said, with his own hand.
  • coming They are coming together.
  • comity I hope the court upholds comity between the parties.
  • commando
  • comment I would like to comment on the article but I am not registered.
  • commit Afterward, I committed myself to a strict exercise routine.
  • cumin I used some cumin to add flavor to the dish.
  • gamin I'm going to bed, I'm tired from playing with my friends.
  • gaming
  • garment She was wearing a garment that concealed her figure.
  • janitor
  • kant Mathematics is the study of deductive reasoning.
  • lament
  • laminate She shopped for a new laminate flooring for her new home.
  • maginot
  • magneto
  • manta I'm looking for my Manta Ray.
  • memento
  • mentor My mentor helped me improve my writing skills.
  • mind I can't focus on my work because my mind is going crazy.
  • mint I like to dunk my ice cream in mint chocolate chip.
  • minter Inside the mines, it's necessary to wear a helmet and a long pants to avoid getting injured by the mines.
  • minute I had only been living in this house for a few minutes before I heard a loud crash from upstairs.
  • pimento I never knew someone could be so allergic to pimento.
  • pimiento It's best to chill pimientos before using them in a recipe.
  • quaint The quaint town was surrounded by farmland.
  • raiment
  • varmint I saw a varmint out in the open.
  • Cannot I cannot be worse!
  • Can't We can't get on without him.
  • Mont I need to go to Monterey next weekend.
  • Lamont Governor Lamont is running for re-election.
  • Carmen Then Carmen came out to them with gourds and a bucket of fresh water, which all were glad to drink.
  • Clint Amy and Holt shook hands across the net and Clint, hobbling up, tossed Amy the towel.
  • Minty I loved the minty flavor of the ice cream.
  • Caimans Caimans inhabit Central and South America from marshes and swamps to mangrove rivers and lakes.
  • comings We dined very well, and were waited on by a maid-servant whom I had never seen in all my comings and goings, but who, for anything I know, had been in that mysterious house the whole time.
  • CONT
  • Minot Agnes and Alvin Minot live in town.
  • gamine Amy went to the party dressed as a gamine.

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