Correct spelling for CANDIAEN

We think the word candiaen is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for candiaen

  • Canine(Definition of canine)
  • I have caught this species in traps, and when let loose in an indigo vat with a miscellaneous pack of dogs, they have invariably fought hard, and at times proved too much for their canine adversaries, so that i have had to go to their rescue, and put an end to the fight, by a spear-thrust, or a heavy whack on the back of the head with a stout club.

  • Camden
  • Gates defeated at camden, s. c.-battle of king's mountain-washington sends aid to the south-siege of yorktown-surrender of lord cornwallis-peace treaty signed-washington's farewell to his officers.

  • Canting(Definition of Canting)
  • Cancan(Definition of cancan)
  • It has become common practice for dancers to scream and yelp while performing the cancan.

  • Canteen(Definition of canteen)
  • I gave him my canteen, which he emptied at a gulp and called for more.

  • Andean(Definition of andean)
  • In the andean region, a dry, hot wind from the north or north-west, called the zonda, blows with great intensity, especially in september-october, and causes much discomfort and suffering.

  • Candid(Definition of candid)
  • "you are really charmingly candid, clara!

  • Candies
  • A few young ladies sat in groups, and chatted and ate candies, or read and ate candies while one young man, in white flannels and a straw hat waited upon them with stools and wraps and drinks of water, and magazines, fetching and carrying in a most abject manner.

  • Candice
  • On may 9, 1946 frances gave birth to future actress candice bergen, whose first performances were on bergens radio show.

  • Canadian(Definition of canadian)
  • In 1853 lord elgin visited england, where he received unqualified praise for his able administration of canadian affairs.

  • Candida
  • Large white butterflies (pieris brassicae) diseases beet western yellows virus (family luteoviridae) blackleg (caused by the fungus species leptosphaeria maculans) clubroot (caused by the protist plasmodiophora brassicae) sclerotinia white stem rot (caused by the fungus genus sclerotinia) white rust disease (caused by the fungus species albugo candida) verticillium wilt (caused by the fungus species verticillium longisporum) light-leaf spot (caused by the fungus species pyrenopeziza brassicae)

  • Canaan(Definition of canaan)
  • It was not so long ago that the account of the campaign of chedor-laomer and his allies in canaan was unhesitatingly rejected as a mere reflection into the past of the campaigns of later assyrian kings.

  • Candle(Definition of candle)
  • Did your excellencies burn a candle before starting?

  • Condign(Definition of condign)
  • Candace(Definition of Candace)
  • Candace had never imagined such a sight.

  • Candied(Definition of candied)
  • Put first on the fire the currants and the candied fruits cut in very little cubes with as much brandy or cognac as is necessary to cover them: when it boils, light the brandy and let it burn out of the fire until the liquor is all consumed: then remove the currants and candy and let them dry in a folded napkin.

  • Gandhian
  • Kantian(Definition of kantian)
  • Contain(Definition of contain)
  • Canadians
  • He belonged, he added, to the canadians.

  • Indian(Definition of indian)
  • Cardin
  • Canton(Definition of canton)
  • Condone(Definition of condone)
  • Candide
  • Candide sent directly for two jews and sold them some more diamonds, and then they all set out together in another galley to deliver cunegonde from slavery.

127 words made from the letters candiaen

3 letter words made from candiaen:

can, ade, end, din, dia, nad, nne, ani, dna, dec, ane, inn, iaa, aec, den, ana, ain, cia, die, nan, ada, ida, nec, ace, ice, aid, cad.

4 letter words made from candiaen:

5 letter words made from candiaen:

daane, dance, caaed, nadai, acned, canna, naden, anine, incae, nance, danic, acide, edain, canid, nande, naiad, diena, inden, danin, danan, anden, nadan, naide, icade, canan, anane, annai, ainda, niane, idaea, ciena, nidaa, nicad, anend, dinan, inced, dinna, indec, indan, andia, danca, inane, annia, cania, diana, canai, ceann, aecia, naina, canne, adeni, anade, nanai, andan, nicen, cinna, nidan, cinae.