Correct spelling for CANDLIES

We think the word candlies is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for candlies

  • Condoles
  • Candies
  • But maggie was mistaken, for the envelope contained no writing, nothing to give, by words, a clue to the giver; but the candies were forgotten when bessie drew therefrom a new crisp one hundred dollar bill.

  • Candle(Definition of candle)
  • Of course it was only the candle.

  • Candles
  • The girl was glad at this moment that there were no lights in their sitting room save the two candles which were directly behind barbara's book.

487 words made from the letters candlies

3 letter words made from candlies:

den, ane, ida, ade, din, ies, led, cns, sle, dia, lan, die, ans, sea, ali, can, ice, aid, dis, lac, asl, lea, aec, dna, ail, scd, dal, cia, als, lsd, lei, das, ale, cli, ace, sec, sad, nad, des, sin, eld, end, lcd, ain, nsc, nec, cad, lid, enl, sen, lie, cis, lad, sac, ani, dle, dec, sic, nil, lin.

5 letter words made from candlies:

asdic, cladi, nesci, salie, laced, seidl, saeid, dinse, deans, eliad, saedi, naldi, clean, edain, cline, aslin, alids, cased, desai, neals, delas, clane, dcase, lasne, lndia, cilan, delan, leads, alien, selan, cleis, sedai, alesi, nield, senai, delai, diels, andel, danic, sedin, scali, clein, danel, clise, sadli, laned, adeli, clain, alces, laces, indes, aisen, diena, danse, insel, dains, daise, clase, necas, canid, dance, aisle, canis, lenas, ndlea, senal, leans, iland, andes, eilds, senia, saied, scail, clade, nails, aldie, anise, acned, idles, scald, eland, ansec, csaid, nelas, isled, laide, endas, liden, sanel, lenca, acies, alcid, nicad, leins, dices, nadel, sidel, acide, saine, anies, dalin, laden, nedal, indle, ciena, cinae, sance, calne, anesi, dials, ideal, ilsan, naide, cisne, dinas, scien, sedia, lanci, lades, salen, ledin, nilas, isnae, inced, salei, laedc, diles, deals, linac, lecan, elans, alcis, cines, ednas, dalei, anile, selic, clies, lince, icade, landi, linds, aisne, dales, aides, sidea, delic, senil, nidal, ailes, nelis, enlai, aline, clans, lined, caled, liens, laids, seida, densa, aside, sanei, adeni, cilea, deils, selin, nsaid, sdein, cadle, indec, esnal, lices, alsen, ladic, sedan, incas, scale, incae, ances, senad, sanli, saned, lands, lacen, sidle, isnad, neild, sedna, desac, celis, dines, alide, decal, casei, ceils, scend, elsan, lance, celan, clied.

6 letter words made from candlies:

ciesla, celani, naledi, dancel, clines, scaled, candel, eniacs, canids, lndica, ideals, candle, incles, lineas, daisen, cleans, delias, leadin, casein, naleds, nicads, lnside, daines, senica, daniel, dalein, ladens, sained, sacile, lianes, adelic, dealin, casdin, cendal, decans, sdaine, eiland, ascend, denial, endsac, scinde, slaine, denali, delian, eliads, deasil, andile, nields, landes, lances, calise, silane, saidel, saline, inlead, lancie, decals, delica, aliens, senlac, daicel, dansie, sandle, alines, alined, dasein, adelin, seldin, niclas, edical, island, elands, ancles, sandel, caldes, sinced, siclen, clasen, ciales, sendai, eldins, cadies, dances, sliced, selcan, discan, cilane, alcids, delain, sindel.

7 letter words made from candlies:

decalin, calines, alcides, incased, snailed, celsian, secalin, sandile, escalin, sanicle, candels, delasin, inlaces, dealsin, scailed, denials, scaleni, candles, iceland, scienda, claisen.