Correct spelling for CANELLONI

We think the word canelloni is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for canelloni

  • calling My calling you was a mistake."
  • cannelloni
  • cannon The intelligence reached us two hours ago, that the populace had attacked the hotel of the Duc de Guiche, and placed two pieces of cannon before the gate.
  • canton Dalton who had carried Becky off, and had left him with Kemp and a Canton teapot.
  • canyon But all day through the mazes of canyon and hill and rolling ground they searched patiently.
  • carillon For long it had been an obsession with her-as though some spirit whispered in her ear-Do you hear the bells ringing at Carillon?
  • carnelian He would have tossed it aside as one of his own had not the carnelian band attracted his attention.
  • catalonia Suchet and Davoust were shut up in Catalonia and Hamburg.
  • gallon If your honey be very good, it will bear half a Gallon of water more to a Gallon of Honey.
  • ganglion Amongst obscure and doubtful bodies are those described by Pringsheim, which have their origin in thick filaments or tubes, similar to those which form the zoosporangia, and represent so many distinct little masses of plasma within an homogeneous parietal ganglion.
  • panelling Basil had gone into the study, or perhaps into the tiny "Speak a bit," to look at the wall-panelling taken from Queen Mary's bed at Jedburgh.
  • Canceling Clock drives work by rotating a telescope mount's polar axis, the axis parallel to the Earth's polar axis (also called the right ascension axis) in the opposite direction to the Earths rotation one revolution every 23 hours and 56 minutes (called sidereal day), thereby canceling that motion.
  • Cancelling Each time a new note, a demand note for the total amount, was made, cancelling the former one.
  • Channelling
  • Knelling
  • Janelle
  • Janell
  • candling

296 words made from the letters canelloni

3 letter words made from canelloni:

con, all, oil, ilo, ell, ace, lan, nil, ion, ill, ice, col, nne, can, ail, lao, inn, cio, oca, aec, one, ola, leo, lei, ceo, nan, lac, nec, lea, ain, neo, lin, ale, ani, ane, cli, ali, cia, lie, enl, eon.

4 letter words made from canelloni:

icon, aoli, ileo, enlo, onni, clio, nona, noen, leao, leal, lien, inca, llao, olic, clon, lilo, cenn, lion, liao, anol, conn, cole, icao, onca, ical, cola, lane, loei, oena, lino, oeil, lone, aloe, aleo, inoa, anil, liel, line, noli, nian, coen, loen, olie, onne, inle, lean, lein, olea, cain, nein, ocal, noel, nine, leio, anle, leil, ciao, cone, ilna, inlo, enic, elia, lace, laic, cell, call, eoan, clan, inec, liol, coln, nile, neon, leni, acne, nail, once, cane, lail, none, lena, coin, aeon, coal, olla, elan, olai, laie, leon, coil, noce, alne, laon, cali, anio, nano, lelo, nina, oell, nice, loin, elli, onen, elio, loan, enol.

5 letter words made from canelloni:

inano, cinna, alone, nilan, ninoa, inall, lenin, anino, aline, clein, ecall, ceann, liceo, oclan, anole, allio, celan, clone, locle, lanio, lione, einon, naill, ileal, oncle, lilac, linac, aille, aello, cione, ollen, ocain, onela, canoe, coile, conel, leino, lanci, ennio, lacon, lanco, nance, acone, nilla, ionel, local, olian, nalen, ciano, onnie, ional, laino, cielo, lalon, naleo, leano, elion, canne, canol, oneil, enlil, clane, lalin, enlai, elaio, lalic, ollan, lance, colli, nicen, conen, lieon, canio, llena, lenon, incae, cinae, calne, anine, necon, lolin, allco, cenon, lenco, ciena, lanni, onlae, cleal, iacon, coale, nicon, ellac, canon, aloni, lanin, nocal, niane, colie, noica, canno, conne, nalle, acoel, nolie, eolic, ancol, lenca, coila, olean, llano, nolla, inane, clain, lacen, caion, coill, alien, nelon, lince, olein, clean, ciona, annle, onlie, anile, celal, nonce, nello, cilan, illan, clann, ceoil, allen, colne, cilea, lecan, coeli, nelio, cinoa, nolle, cello, leali, cline, lelio, lanne, ocean, linen, nonia, anion.

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