Correct spelling for CANERON

We think the word caneron is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for caneron

  • cameroon The Calabar man grew pale and anxious as the accounts of the debts he had made himself responsible for came in, and he knew that if the debtor died on his hands, that is to say in the imprisonment he had consigned him to, he would be obliged to pay back all those debts of the Cameroon man, for the German Government have an intelligent knowledge of native law and carry it out in Cameroon.
  • canaan Yes, it is a message which tells of a land of "rest," near and open, fairer far than the Canaan on which Caleb reported and from which he and his fellows brought the great clusters of its golden vines.
  • canary "You wouldn't either if you were a canary," she added, reasoning with the messenger.
  • cannery His cannery girl, of course, will swear he was with her; but there's no corroborating testimony.
  • cannon On the 19th Greene barely succeeded in escaping from Fort Lee, with his remaining 2000 men, but without his cannon and stores.
  • canon Our enemies further observe that the most ancient fathers do not merely forbear to quote anything from our gospels, but relate many passages or events which are to be found only in the apocryphal gospels rejected by the canon.
  • canteen It was no easy thing to clear the store, canteen, and yards; but we determined upon adhering to the rule that nothing should be sold after that hour, and succeeded.
  • cantering It had not come, and was not coming for a long time, when Stingaree set his teeth, lurched either way-and toppled out of the saddle in the path of the cantering hoofs.
  • canton We set out at an early hour next morning, and, after passing through a vast forest of fir, arrived to breakfast at Zell, in the canton of Lucerne, where the number of chapels by the road-side announced that the Roman Catholic was the established religion.
  • canyon She returned at 7 sharp, accompanied by a young lady whom she introduced to O. All three were then driven to the Canyon restaurant at 432 Third Street and escorted to a reserved table in one of the screened-off semi-private rooms along the right side of the dining room.
  • careen Instantly, avid to retrieve his mistake, the captain swung his craft in a wild careen around and a spiral upward.
  • carrion The raven will eat most things that come his way,-eggs and young of ground-nesting birds, seeds even, lizards and grasshoppers, which he catches cleverly; and whatever he is about, let a coyote trot never so softly by, the raven flaps up and after; for whatever the coyote can pull down or nose out is meat also for the carrion crow.
  • concern If Paul Patoff chose to tell a diplomatic falsehood, it certainly did not concern me.
  • creon Take Creon; he, methought, if any man, Was enviable.
  • neuron
  • Cankering There are seven pillars of Gothic mold In Chillon's dungeons deep and old; There are seven columns, massy and gray, Dim with a dull imprisoned ray, A sunbeam which hath lost its way, And through the crevice and the cleft Of the thick wall is fallen and left; Creeping o'er the floor so damp, Like a marsh's meteor lamp: And in each pillar there is a ring, And in each ring there is a chain; That iron is a cankering thing, For in these limbs its teeth remain, With marks that will not wear away, Till I have done with this new day, Which now is painful to these eyes, Which have not seen the sun so rise For years-I cannot count them o'er; I lost their long and heavy score When my last brother drooped and died, And I lay living by his side....
  • Garnering
  • Cornering Clearly she was inexperienced; she let these men have their own way and their own say; she was not handling them skilfully; yet there seemed to be a charm about this young girl that detached man after man from the passing throng and added them to her circle-which had now become a half circle, completely cornering her.
  • Cameron Mrs. Cameron tells me you are lodging with my old friend Jones.
  • Enron

130 words made from the letters caneron

3 letter words made from caneron:

cro, era, car, can, ore, nrc, cer, ron, nan, ceo, are, con, one, ane, rna, eon, nne, arc, oar, ear, ern, nec, oca, roe, aec, roc, neo, ace.

4 letter words made from caneron:

5 letter words made from caneron:

craon, caner, noner, noren, crone, canoe, crean, acone, conen, cerna, ercan, ceron, naron, nacre, creon, corna, coner, croan, nonce, rocen, ceann, acorn, ancre, crena, conne, ranco, arone, canne, renco, rocan, caroe, canno, renno, racon, cenon, necro, renon, canon, corne, ronca, nacer, carno, orena, norea, ranon, creno, oncer, nance, acero, ocean, anner, crane, necon, canor.

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