Correct spelling for CANESTER

We think the word canester is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for canester

  • banister Took three of us to capture it, and I wanted to wring its neck, but Captain Banister wouldn't let me, so we stuffed it into its cage and sent it to the Zoo.
  • canasta In this story, the villain, Nasty Canasta, steals a large slab of gold from Bugs Bunny who retaliates by later bankrupting the villains new casino in San Francisco.
  • cancer He used to speak of the trouble as "his glands;" I cannot learn its exact nature; but I have been told that it was "cancer" or "some form of cancer," which caused him "not very great pain," but which "would have been excessively painful had he lived a little longer."
  • canister One could but admire the steady courage with which they approached us; great gaps being made in their lines at every discharge of our grape- and canister-laden twelve-pounders, and our bullets also wore them away at every step.
  • canoeist
  • canter
  • cantor
  • canute
  • caste
  • caster
  • castor
  • coaster
  • custer
  • gangster
  • jester
  • nestor
  • Canes At just half-way of this painful journey the river is to be passed, and this cannot be done without a ferry, for the moment you leave the canes, the shallow water begins, and the bottom is so soft, that any object touching it must sink to a depth of several fathoms.
  • Gamester
  • canisters A new style of cartridge was therefore invented, formed by stockings supplied by the women; and into these the contents of the canisters were emptied.
  • canters
  • canniest

499 words made from the letters canester

3 letter words made from canester:

ent, era, eat, net, arc, art, cst, ern, sea, cns, ene, nec, etc, ear, aec, ten, ret, sen, ras, crt, ans, est, sac, can, tea, sec, cat, cer, ter, sat, are, ese, tee, eta, nsc, set, ate, tan, tec, act, ace, ert, ane, see, eec, nee, nrc, ant, ect, rna, rat, car, res, esr, tar.

5 letter words made from canester:

anser, rents, caere, terns, nerts, arens, terne, tence, ceren, carte, ctene, enact, teens, artec, nacer, saree, ertan, ester, senec, crena, caner, cants, acree, etens, carns, erent, neset, actes, renes, cense, astre, reest, caste, sacer, secta, netra, enets, saner, scare, saren, teres, rasen, asner, ecast, canst, resen, cerne, rnase, nease, arete, esten, recta, anter, nears, crane, tanec, ences, seren, arcee, scrae, ernst, ances, sente, crans, rense, sceat, terna, ancre, aerts, enate, anese, erect, seare, ceras, stern, reces, seret, certa, erste, acter, ercan, creen, seaer, cante, seeta, tener, teras, tenes, teare, cesta, csere, scree, retes, cease, react, neste, acres, cerna, canet, aster, rates, naree, nacre, caret, arent, sater, renta, ernes, earns, crete, terse, snare, steer, anees, etnas, asten, entre, reast, teera, crate, sance, seena, eater, reste, seert, cares, naret, rente, strae, ratee, senta, raste, trace, scene, creta, stena, erase, ansec, estan, esera, crest, cerae, tears, cente, acene, tarns, tensa, sneer, satre, rants, stene, rence, earnt, reans, crean, tease, teers, scent, cater, stran, enter, tesna, ranee, netas, reate, atene, raese, sence, netes, eaten, reset, stare, tense, reens, easer, eanes, terce, narcs, enset, necas, arnes, ntare, scant, tares, cerat, carts, ceres, nates, senat.

6 letter words made from canester:

eaters, cesena, sterna, enters, astern, reates, caters, resect, naters, erects, cetera, create, ternes, tancer, cerent, ersten, cartes, tenase, sreten, trance, acetes, crates, cerate, cernes, centar, tenera, taseer, tarnee, seneca, teaser, etrace, cantes, strane, neater, nacres, enacts, recane, stance, traces, cester, tarsen, recast, canter, crease, cretan, treens, sentra, secant, resent, ranees, casten, trenes, sencer, sancte, tenser, ceaser, caeser, earset, cetane, seance, ascent, reseat, enates, secern, careen, easter, tearce, terces, secret, center, antres, ctenes, tenrec, scerne, sarcee, rectae, rateen, steane, cartee, cernea, acters, rentes, tresca, ecarte, nestea, etecsa, caners, centre, arenes, cenate, centas, ascert, canete, nectar, senate, saeter, santee, recant, aceset, renest, sterne, screet, steare, escena, eterna, cernat, receat, cranes, caster, erecta, teresa, trease, screen, sateen, casner, nester, casern, seater, encase, screan, senter, recent, censer, reacts, teares, cearns, rances, crenas.

7 letter words made from canester:

cresent, centare, terasen, nearest, earnest, canters, recanes, tenaces, netcare, estrane, enraces, crenate, tenrecs, centras, carnets, recants, nectars, cetanes, terance, careens, trecena, trances, sartene, rescent, centres, secreta, rateens, sterane, reenact, caserne, tanrecs, scenter, casteen, centers, centera, creates, castner, cerates, scanter, eastern, ecartes.

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