Correct spelling for CANNELONI

We think the word canneloni is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for canneloni

  • cannelloni Manicotti are the American version of cannelloni, though the term may often refer to the actual baked dish.
  • cannon He was in the uniform of a second lieutenant, and in one respect he was exactly like all the other younger officers and most of the men of that army, for never before had they heard the sound of a hostile cannon.
  • carnelian The widow and the steward of the wealthy Superior of the temple of Hatasu, and with them a priest of high rank, were in eager discussion with the officials of the embalming-House, and were selecting the most costly of the patterns of mummy-cases which were offered to their inspection, the finest linen, and amulets of malachite, and lapis-lazuli, of blood-stone, carnelian and green felspar, as well as the most elegant alabaster canopi for the deceased; his body was to be enclosed first in a sort of case of papier-mache, and then in a wooden and a stone coffin.
  • Canceling He tries to talk Melinda out of the wedding, but before that, he tries to show who Ron really is so he decided to make a wild bachelor party, in hope of catching Ron and canceling the wedding.
  • Cancelling The world has to be grateful to President Schurmann for withdrawing from his contract, and cancelling the offer made to Hearn for the delivery of lectures at the university.
  • Channeling 2 m) pipe connecting this reservoir to numbers 2 and 3, and gates for channeling water either into the aqueduct or into the river.
  • Channelling This organisation provided a much-needed rallying point for Cambodian leftists opposed to Khmer Rouge rule, channelling efforts towards positive action instead of empty denunciations of the genocidal regime.
  • kenneling

256 words made from the letters canneloni

3 letter words made from canneloni:

ali, ain, leo, ola, lei, inn, cio, ilo, col, lac, lao, ail, oil, one, ani, ceo, nne, ale, cli, nan, cia, aec, nec, oca, neo, can, eon, lan, lea, nil, enl, ice, lie, con, lin, ion, ace, ane.

4 letter words made from canneloni:

elan, once, coin, onni, coen, anle, ileo, cola, loei, anio, lien, lace, loan, elio, inec, none, oena, nona, loin, line, nile, inca, olea, nein, cenn, noen, nano, ical, nail, coln, lane, leao, elia, cole, acne, cane, anil, enic, ocal, cone, lean, inlo, nian, laic, olie, ilna, loen, cali, aleo, lone, clio, cain, anol, lino, lein, laon, clan, lena, onne, noli, onen, leio, olic, nice, lion, conn, noce, icon, noel, eoan, nine, inoa, coal, nonn, nina, aloe, aeon, olai, leni, alne, coil, ciao, leon, liao, aoli, neon, onca, oeil, laie, enlo, enol, inle, icao, clon.

5 letter words made from canneloni:

coila, nonce, ciano, acone, alone, cline, nenno, ennio, lieon, clone, lanci, cilea, linen, lecan, canno, lenin, linac, olein, liceo, ninna, ocean, cielo, alien, aline, olian, conne, ninon, einon, coile, cilan, niane, aloni, clann, leino, eolic, cinae, elion, canio, ceoil, clain, lanne, leano, anino, colne, cinna, ninan, lenon, ional, onela, oneil, ancol, oclan, nelio, annen, anion, lacen, calne, oncle, lenco, nonan, anole, inane, lacon, anine, anile, incae, iacon, annle, lanco, onnie, elaio, lenca, nance, inano, canon, lanni, laino, nicen, canol, onlie, necon, naleo, coale, acoel, cinoa, conel, onlae, cenon, annon, nilan, nicon, nolie, clane, nelon, cione, lione, celan, clean, lince, canoe, lanin, olean, nocal, ciena, enlai, nonni, ionel, lanio, ciona, ocain, nonia, colie, nanno, noica, clein, caion, onnen, ninoa, conen, canne, lance, coeli, ceann, nalen.

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