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How to spell CANNOTY correctly?

The misspelling "cannoty" can be corrected by suggesting the word "canny" instead. Canny means shrewd, careful or astute, and is commonly used to describe someone who is clever or cautious. Using "canny" instead of "cannoty" will ensure accuracy and enhance written communications.

List of suggestions on how to spell cannoty correctly

  • cannery The old cannery near the docks has been abandoned for years.
  • cannily She cannily avoided any topic related to politics during the family dinner to prevent any arguments.
  • cannon The sound of the cannon firing echoed across the valley.
  • Cannot I cannot believe how beautiful this sunset is.
  • canny The canny entrepreneur knew exactly when to invest and when to hold back.
  • canopy I flew into the canopy of the tree.
  • carnot The Carnot engine is an important power plant in the industrial age.
  • carroty She has a carroty beard.
  • connote I was referring to the definition of the word "connote" on the dictionary website.

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