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How to spell CANNOW correctly?

If you meant to type "cannon" but spelled it as "cannow", autocorrect might suggest "cannot", "can now" or "canoe". However, the correct spelling for the weapon is "cannon."

List of suggestions on how to spell cannow correctly

  • annoy The sound of the lawnmower outside is beginning to annoy me.
  • candor His candor in admitting his mistakes was admirable.
  • canned
  • cannes
  • cannon The sound of the cannon firing could be heard across the entire battlefield.
  • Cannot I cannot finish this task without your help.
  • canny The canny negotiator was able to get the best price for her client.
  • canoe My family took a canoe trip down the river last summer.
  • canon The book is part of the canon of Western literature.
  • canto In this canto, Dante describes his journey through the second circle of Hell.
  • cantor The synagogue choir is led by a talented cantor.
  • carnot The Carnot engine is the first engine to use the heat of combustion to create mechanical power.

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