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How to spell CANVASE correctly?

If you accidentally spelled "canvase" instead of "canvas", don't worry, it happens to everyone! Here are a few helpful suggestions to correct the mistake. Remember to remove the last letter "e" and replace it with an "s" to get the correct spelling, "canvas."

List of suggestions on how to spell canvase correctly

  • canvas My grandmother painted a beautiful picture on the canvas.
  • canvases The artist had a collection of canvases in various sizes that he used for his paintings.
  • canvass During the election season, volunteers were sent out to canvass the neighborhood, promoting their candidate.
  • Canvassed The politician canvassed the neighborhood in hopes of gaining more support for his campaign.
  • canvasser The canvasser knocked on every door in the neighborhood to promote his candidate.
  • canvasses The artist was excited to start working on his new canvasses for the upcoming art exhibit.

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