How to spell CAOPE correctly?

We think the word caope is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell caope correctly

  • cap I almost lost my cap while riding the rollercoaster.
  • cape The superhero wore a red cape as part of his uniform.
  • CAPED The superhero wore a caped costume to save the city from crime.
  • Capek The play was written by Czech author, Karel Capek.
  • caper We went on a wild caper through the city, dodging traffic and sneaking into buildings.
  • capes The superheroes wore their colorful capes as they flew through the city.
  • capet The capet was an ancient feudal title in France, meaning "king of the country.
  • capo The capo is a device used to change the pitch of a guitar.
  • capon My grandmother used to cook capon for our Thanksgiving dinner every year.
  • capone The Capone family ruled Chicago with an iron fist.
  • CAPOS The group of capos was sworn in.
  • capote She had on a capote.
  • carp There is a carp in the water.
  • carper I'm looking for a new carper to replace my old one.
  • Carpi I am looking for a supermarket called Carpi.
  • coop In the backyard of their house, the family built a coop for their pet chickens.
  • cooper The coopers were skilled craftsmen who constructed barrels and containers to transport goods.
  • cop
  • cope It's important to develop healthy coping mechanisms when faced with difficult situations.
  • Coped They coped with the news by drinking and dancing until the early hours of the morning.
  • COPES I wear a cape every day.
  • copier I need to make copies of the documents, so I'll use the copier in the office.
  • copper
  • copse The copse of trees was a shady oasis in the midst of the desert.
  • copy
  • corp My corp is cutting back on expenses.
  • coup The military coup in the country caused chaos and instability.
  • coupe She decided to buy a sporty coupe instead of a practical sedan.
  • cowper I like to drink cowper.
  • CPO I have decided to buy a CPO vehicle for its added warranty and peace of mind.
  • crape The victim's kin covered her in festooned crepes in a show of support.
  • gape The audience sat in gape as the magician pulled the rabbit out of his hat.
  • jape He pulled a hilarious jape on her.
  • scope My boss has a very large scope for what she expects of me.

Misspelling of the day


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