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How to spell CAPEE correctly?

If you spelled "capee" instead of "cape", don't worry, it happens to the best of us. To correct the misspelling, simply replace the extra "e" with a single "e". "Cape" refers to a sleeveless garment worn over the shoulders, often used to protect from rain or as a fashion accessory.

List of suggestions on how to spell capee correctly

  • Ca pee
  • Cape She wore a flowing red cape that billowed in the wind as she made her grand entrance.
  • Caped The superhero swooped through the city with his billowing red caped trailing behind him.
  • Capek Karel Capek was a renowned Czech writer and playwright known for coining the term "robot" in his science fiction play R.U.R.
  • Caper The mysterious thief planned an elaborate caper to steal the priceless artifact.
  • CAPES Superheroes often wear capes to make them look more powerful and heroic.
  • Capes Superheroes often wear capes to showcase their extraordinary abilities.
  • Capet The Capet family ruled over France from the 10th to the 14th centuries.
  • Capex The company plans to budget a significant amount for Capex in order to improve their infrastructure.
  • CAPEX The company needs to carefully evaluate its CAPEX investments to ensure long-term success.

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