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How to spell CARAVEN correctly?

The correct spelling for "caraven" is likely "caravan". A possible suggestion to resolve this misspelling is to double-check the spelling using a spell check tool or dictionary. Another possible solution is to ask someone else to review the written text and make corrections as needed.

List of suggestions on how to spell caraven correctly

  • carafe
  • caravan We went on a week-long caravan trip along the coast.
  • caravans The caravans of traders traveled across the desert to reach their destination.
  • Caravel The caravel was a small, light, and highly maneuverable ship used by the Portuguese and Spanish in the exploration of the Atlantic Ocean in the 15th century.
  • careen
  • crave I always crave pizza when I'm stressed out.
  • craved After the long hike, I craved a cold drink.
  • craven The craven thief ran away when the guards caught him red-handed.
  • craves As a pregnant woman, she constantly craves pickles and ice cream.
  • graven The graven image of the former president was carved into the monument.
  • raven The raven perched on the branch, cawing loudly into the quiet forest.

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